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"Diesel"? VW diesel in Germany – sold in technology

Volkswagen attempts to hide its dark past on 50 billion dollars in electronic vehicles. The company emphasizes the development of electronic cars, not ready to abandon dBal Technology. Still.

In addition, diesel cars are doubling its market in Germany in 2018. This is sold to private individuals. Diesel rates increased by 4% to 43%.

Jurgen Stakman, one of the Board of Directors of Volkswagen, commented: "Diesel talk in Germany will be loaded with strong emotions. Considering high efficiency and performance in the context of climate change, in the coming years the diesel engine will be the main technology, especially the telescope passengers.

The new generation diesel engines developed by Volkswagen are more efficient. But they are releasing carbon dioxide by 15% less than petrol-power engines. Volkswagen argues that it delivers 10 gms / cubic meters less emissions than the previous generation on diesel engines cycles.

Last year, Volkswagen sold a total of 6,244,900 cars and grew by 0.2% in 2017. Audi, Skoda, and Seat are the second and third most-watched models after the 1,812,500, 1,253,700 and 517,600 models.

Volkswagen Group's turnover increased by 0.9 per cent to 10,834,000 units. But 200,000 Mann and Scotia trucks sold. That's why Renault Nisan Mitsubishi Alliance sold the Light and Light commercial vehicles for the first time. These include 1018 10,756,875.

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