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Did he fire The future of Ernesto World decided

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FC Barcelona president Josep Bertermo said Ernesto Walworth would continue as a senior coach next season.

Liverpool was dropped out of the Champions League semi-finals, but Valerde eventually led the Catalonian men to the Spanish Championship.

Valencia, who won nine nos double in Spain, ended with a 1-1 win over the National Football Tournament, ending four blue-red trophies.

"We have a lot of things to do, but we do not want to enter the opponent's door in this season, but football is our goal to win all the tournaments every year, but at the end of the campaign we have two major players The game We Lost – Two Lost Trophies We Lost At Anfield and Sevill, "he remarked. Bartuuu.

There are agreements until next summer, Valverde himself, said he wanted to stay. "I know the losses in this club are heavy, Coach always has big responsibilities, sometimes you make mistakes, but you accept it and try not to repeat again, will lead Barcelona in next season," said Waalwaard.

A few weeks ago, in 2009 and 2015, a third Treble was played in the history of Barcelona. La Liga won the La Liga one month ago. We were thinking about a trident, but I do not think we lost the crucial moments and lost the expectation of having three cups. "In this club, it's all possible to always play for success and win, so I do not think it's more and more troublesome," said Waalwaard.

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