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Champion secured the Champions League qualifier against Impori 2: 1

Inter's qualification for the next season in the Champions League. In the final, in the first round, "Narsuri" defeated the score 2: 1. Today's opponent has fallen.

In the 51st minute, Balded was sent to Interon. In the 76th minute in the trailer, Jacob did not make a mistake. In the 81st minute Raj Ninglan scored 2: 1 in the final.

This duel was very difficult when it was called Inter. In the early minutes, Tolvoye Darwinovsky struck from Nikolai, Vesnisi and Irkutti.

In the 27th minute, goalkeeper Brycevik's shot saved Emboli's shot. Drovesky missed the ball after defeating Doher Fry.

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Kapatto was alone in the 31st minute, while the Slovene goalkeeper was killed.

In the 51st minute Balde Kita scored the score. Taking a Senegalese ball to the penalty area scored a diagonal shot on 1-0.

Morgan Icardi won the international penalty in the 58th minute. First the ball was first hit by the attack and later hijacked Bartolomaz Dragovsky. However, Emo's goal keeper saved Argentina's agitation.

Jet jack understood the inter

Jet jack understood the inter

"Neeraj Kurri" has long been interested in Bosnia

In the 70th minute, the Pharis were alone against Haranovic, but the Slovene goalkeeper saved him. After six minutes, Dalbert made a mistake and took the score to 1: 1.

In the 81st minute the interval went further. Waigin bowled the bay with a shot with Nathan Gollan 2: 1.

Drama is complete when added. Hondovicchik intervened in many instances. Brazovi's goal was terminated because of violation of Kaya Balde against Domogovsky. Senanal was driven out by this violation.

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