Thursday , September 29 2022

Brent prices decline to the record price, and the rat is still below 95


The price of European Brent crude for the first time in eight months has fallen to $ 65 per barrel. In the last session of the London-based ICE London Stock Exchange, it fell by 64.98 dollars.

On March 16 this year, the price of oil was $ 65 per barrel. Throughout the day, Brentan's price dropped to $ 69 a barrel.

During the national upheaval in Varna and Burgas, the tensions between the police and the police increased.
Much success approaches …

Russia's oil producers Brent Bulgaria fuel the biggest market in the fuel market. Today's price and A95 in Bulgaria have an average price of two strokes. That means, for 12 days, 12 statistics have fallen. The diesel is priced at Rs 2.36 per liter.
Petroleum will meet all fuel chains on November 15.

Yesterday (November 13) oil production raised oil firms from 90,000 barrels to 2,31 million barrels. It will be 2,20 million barrels by 2019. Million barrels. This year's predecessor is related to the new assessment of the US and Russian Yields. Key locomotives are located in the United States, Brazil, Canada and the UK. Mining is continuing in Mexico, Norway and other countries.

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