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At age 13, Jegenovev starred in the first Bulgarian Christmas movie

The child was involved More than 10 Foreign films, In a Turkish version "Game Of Thrones"

In Santa's workshop, modernizing small Marty attempts to save Christ. The film is part of the story of the first Bulgarian Christmas movie "Smart Christmas". This is accompanied by the main character Constantine Jurganov Costastu Lafasanov and Klein Vraskanaki. But this is not his first pain. Previously, there were dozens of movies in movies and ads.

"Mammenu, that's a lot of fun," says Constantin Gergenov, the first day photographer. Later, she accepts the invitation to attend the 6-year-old child's video.

"When he was young, he looked like an angel and promised to shoot in commercials, and we talked to him like a big man and asked him every time:" Do you want me? "He always said" no ", and we left that until we were about to cast again, We need him But this time at the same time, "Yes," his father explained that his father was not at home, but when he came to the place to give up, he said, "It's OK." So he went. "13-year-old actor Vargina Gerganova's mother says .

"I do not remember why I said this about this video," says Timmy. "At this stage I had something to come." Then he started filming an advertisement.

"I counted them up to 50, and then stopped," she said. His father, Tihomir Jargonov, is engaged in advertising. His mother is financially controlled. No sisters, but there is a cat. If the family exhibits artwork from a small picture and there is a guest in the family, the whole family gets together. Very small

Liked Constantine

This further develops

Animated Films

When he looks at them, he says "no" when he receives reaction to the characters and does not like their performance.

Mother's legacy was a talent that included one child in drama and film. "That's why I feel like it's funny with him," says Vergena Jurganova.

The first shooting day was filled with emotions. As a mother, she was afraid that she would be cool or a big fan of the hall when she was not afraid of the child's condition. On the other hand. She was happy to be happy.

One of the most memorable moments of a main character is for Turkish production – "The Games of Thones" – "Riders", Constantine, who carries the son of a leader. There he scales 3 episodes of 90 minutes and ends up with photos. He has also starred in the Bulgarian film "Collector of Corps" and later "XI a" and "XII a" in Bulgarian pubs.

"I do not have a favorite part, I like everything, I put inside each of them," the boy says.

One of his longest incarnations is the craze in the series "Beloved Beloved". 9-year-old who suffered multiple sclerosis.

"I am very worried about the role of kruminre. In such a study, I recognized that there is a severe test, I do not much affected by this disease. We went to the site where it was initially recognized, provided much comfort for me. Otherwise, there is to be a good boy, a little ksinitanayirikkum," Explain keansrrantin Knows. During the shooting of the series, it seemed interesting to him. Many of his appearances are Orlen Pavlov (Bobby). Together with him they make friends outside the series, like Pavlov, like a big bitch, Timmy teaches a lot.

"Teach me to shoot with a rifle, with a rifle, through a sling … in which for a long year we've been very much like a brother." Constantine explains.

Now he is the seventh standard of Penz Sloque College at Bulgarian, Spanish and English. His foreign policy is mainly English, but there are also Macedonian ads for a large market. Foreign production

There is a role in the French

Series Zero Series,

There comes a robber

"Shooting, explosions, it's fun for me," says Cosstantonin Jurganov. He also acted in the "Angel of the Nagar Dam" and "Timmy". In this connection, the directorial lubomier Joanchev changed the name Konstantin.

Timmy appeared in several people, including "The Stolichini in Maine" and "The Family". His performances include supermarket and documentary viking, including foreign actors. 3 music videos in the UK are also featured. The first Bulgarian Christmas movie "Smart Christmas" is from November 30th. This film is very special to me. With Maria Veselinova (Tape manager – or.) We worked in that. This is my first major role, "says Konstantin, a timbuktu special and another reason – during their shooting, their favorite birthday has already been done.

"My team did a great miracle and I did not want to leave a party after my shooting day and shoot," Gernenov recalls.

Never doubting,

He is never a christian

Birthday also

Behind the scenes, there were a lot of interesting stories. It is difficult to concentrate on dramatic moments, as Kristus Lafazonov has been joking with colleagues and colleagues.

"A Christmas movie shooting is not a joke in 30-35 degrees, and I'm tired because I have a little blouse and a sweat, other ears, hats, and cloth socks," laugh the kid. As a memorial in the film, Timmy is on the switch, one of the books needed for all colleagues. The film features Constantin Kristula Lafasanov and Klein Vraskansky.

For your roles

Preparing the film itself

She is watching a lot of movies. The favorite is "amazing animals". From 6 years of age he participated in the theater school "Student" and participated in the theater "Tyre and Laughter". The Princess is part of Grim Brothers in Mirabela. He has acted in films like 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Fool's'.

"We're starting to perform in Shakespeare's writings," says Jeninka.

In his vacation with homework, photos and texts, the time for the ordinary children of the team is finding time.

"Like all boys, I like playing games, but I'm not sitting on my computer, I'm going to go with my friends, I'm traveling through my London and walking with my parents – to eat chocolate cakes."

In 2019, we will also see two films attending his big screen. One of them – "Pastor" – young John Rillsky opposes Ruchi Chana. Director and screenwriter Ivan Antonov – is Michelana and Neveana Antoinovi's daughters.

Even if there is a portrait of a big actor, the dream of a director becomes a whale.

This means that I will ignore the acting work. "In the case of the director, I like to see the whole picture, not the view of the hero," Timmy explains.

The cost of his acting career goes to family trips. Jeganovi likes to travel, so they spent a few days in Prague this year, and then visited Sicily, and now they plan to go to Portugal and Malta.

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