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A scientist shocked the scientists with genetically modified babies

A Chinese scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically modified babies, said Wednesday. He said his activities were safe and straightforward. However, many other scientists are concerned. Forensic organizers called their actions irresponsible.

"Especially in this case, I feel proud""In an international conference on genetic reform in Hong Kong, Prof. H. Jianguu told his colleagues that he would make two DNA changes that are less susceptible to HIV infection.

In his words, a genetically modified embryo has a chance to maintain another pregnancy.

He only apologized for saying that CRISPR was the unexpected news that genetically engineered the use of genetically engineered in the uterus of the woman who produced two twins during this month.

"Nobody has any independent confirmation of his scientific achievement," said BBC. But news shocked the scientific community. Several scholars have condemned Jiajia, and some have devastated his idea. Scientists are careful to prevent such anxiety using innovative technology to replace human DNA.

Such research has been banned in many countries around the world.

Hong Kong scientists, including First Class genetics experts, think that Jiangsu's conduct is an injustice. They point out that there are serious questions that have not yet been answered about the security of "editing", so such research should be done transparently and in order to avoid being misused.

Wednesday Prof. He failed to calm his colleagues.

The Nobel prize winner, David Baltimore Conference Organizing Committee, After Bartomore's conclusion, The New York Times reported that he was acting indirectly.

"I do not think it's a transparent process, we did not even understand after the kids were born, and I do not think it's a medical need," Dr. Baltimore said. .

Professor Robin Lowell, professor of genetics and embryology at the Frankish Creek Institute in London, called for such large secrets, especially scientists.

You are guilty of infringing now. If you have asked Chinese authorities, you probably said you should not do that, said Lower-Bigge.

"We do not know about his research project and we are going to start an investigation," said South University University of Science University of Shenzhen.

He said the university was not funded by his own funds for testing.

Newborn twins called "Lulu" and "Nana" are "normal and healthy birth", he said. He intends to continue to grow in the next 18 years.

Jiangsong explained that eight couples, including HIV positive father and HIV negative mothers, had agreed to voluntarily share this experiment. Later, the professor chose one of these pairs.

He said that he has given a scientific job to the scientific jennon to review and evaluate. But he did not specify what the publication was.

CERRRR used technology that developed genetically engineered technology and was not new to the scientific world. It was discovered in 2012. The "Moleculator Scissor" works by changing the DNA's very clear thread – cut it off, replace it or correct it.

Genetic editing, removal or altering the problem code in embryos can help prevent the hemispheric diseases.

But experts warn that not only the emotional gene involved in the embryo, but also the other generations that have the same corrections.

Hundreds of Chinese scientists have signed a letter signed on their social media. In it prof. They "strongly" opposed his actions.

Professor Julianne Sewellesus, professor of ethics at Oxford University, said to the BBC: "If this is true, this experiment is strange, genetically reform itself is an experimental one that is still associated with mural and distortions, which can lead to genetic problems including early development of life or later, The ability to. "

"This experiment helps healthy children who have gene editing without real benefits," he says.

In many countries, including the United Kingdom, there are laws for genetically modified embryos in human assisted reproduction.

Scientists can conduct such research on embryos that rejected embryos, do not immediately destroy them and use them to create children.

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