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A Chinese effort in genetics hurled the world

The claim that the Chinese scientist claims to create the world's first genetically modified child – twins born this month, says Nature.

This news has led to shock and anger at the scientific community all over the world, but there is no evidence to prove time.

In the video described above, you may see another similar experiment that gives people hope to revive missing animals like mammoth.

China is the world's largest clone factory

He is the researcher at South China University of Science and Technology, Jianhua SheengenA genetically modified woman prohibits the genomes that allow AIDS virus to be transmitted to the cells, and is imported into the embryo.

Two boys born after this test are healthy and are now in their parents' home. Based on studies, gene sequencer of DNA was successful, and would be passed on to mutations for the next generation.

The results of Hua's work have not been published. The twins are not verified by other scientists.

Still, what he says is true. From now on human genome correction techniques can only be used for scientific research, and it does not apply to living persons. There are evidence of side effects that have serious concerns about the security of this technology.

Printed on clinical trials in China The CRRP-CAS 9 GHMO editing tool has been designed by HIV-enabled protein to penetrate cells into a cell to ban CRR 5, a gene. The girl's father is a Carrier of the AIDS virus, but she does not have a mother. The lack of some cc5 ends with West Nile fever and influenza.

That's how they did that In 22 of the 22 test tests, six women had had 11 boys before the successful pregnancy.

According to critics of human activities, human genome does not need a critique for such editing at this time Traditional medical devices limit the risk of HIV transmission. Technology can overcome the restrictions and fear that genetic reforms can be violated by the moral norms that people give.

In 2003, the Ministry of Health in China created guidelines, edited genes, but does not violate any laws. On the other hand, AIDS is a major problem in a country with a population of hundreds of people.

Researchers in the region have come up to conduct a major international conference on Hong Kong, from 27-29 November.

How to continue geomoming editing in yoga, semen or human embryos can reach a consensus on moral standards.

"I understand my work will be controversial, but families need this technology, I'm ready to criticize them," he said.

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