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6 facts about the most unusual interstellar guest – Oumoumoua

On October 19, 2017, with regular frequency with the PAN-STARRS Telescope, the interstellar object Oumoumoua. This incident is like eating dinner from a distant country. After guests, you can understand the habits and culture of this country without visiting it. We need it hundreds of years, and thousands of years, especially with the use of these chemical missiles, is a great opportunity for the nearest star to visit.

Our first inter-host is very strange, yet what we've seen so far is not different. But until it finds out how unusual this space is, it fades in the darkness of space, once again we can not check its strange things.

Here is the list of six unusual facts about the Umau:

  1. If other planets are thought to be reminiscent of the Solar System, pan-stars can not find such a universe. An article published ten years ago prophesied thousands of asteroids than the aromaties, and now it is considered a heterogeneous value of asteroids. In other words, it may indicate that the number of interstellar objects is large in the ocean. Each star of the galaxy must be 10 in total15 Similar materials for a sufficient mass of asteroids describe the explanation of the discovery of the Omusauau.
  2. Oumoumuna flew from a special position in Spain – the rest of the kinematic local level (LSR). The speed of the celestial body is equal to the sun, which is equivalent to the average speed of the stars in this region. That is, the stars around this stage move parallel. Simply put, this point comes from a perfect cover or cauliflower that does not know where the omaumau is.
  3. Scientists believe that most stars are separated from their alphabet while they are at the surface of their star. For example, in the Oort cloud in the solar system, the gravitational force of the Sun, which lasts 100,000 times from the sun to the earth, does not have much influence. For these objects, one kilometer per second would be very small speeds – enough to fly to space. However, these asteroids retain the LSR star's star. That is, if it flies from a normal star, its speed is 20 km / s (average Speed ​​LSR). This program does not apply to the Cosmic Guest
  4. We do not have pictures of Oumoumuna, but because of the sunlight, the sunlight changes its brightness every 8 hours, and its rotation around the axis. This means that the asteroid is a long stretch – it is 5-10 times longer than the width of the asteroid. However, the analysis of his "acrobatic" movement was his pancake. All the asteroids in the history of human history, the ratio between the length and the width three times.
  5. Spitzer Space Telescope heat was not found in the infrared radiation emission from the omymoon. With its surface temperatures and the trend of this asteroid near the Sun, its maximum size is about 100 meters. If this boundary is true, it should be very unusual, with a reflection factor of at least 10 times that the asteroid is higher than that asteroid.
  6. The path of Omumaau, which was calculated on the basis of the Sun's gravitational field, deviated. Nearly 100 per cent, but the importance of statistics is small. If the atmospheric ice sheets heat the sun in the heat and evaporate and create a rocket energy, such behavior is revealed by comets. Such a steam creates a queue, without being overlooked. The Spitzer telescope Oumoumoua does not show any carbon molecules or powder around, so it is clear that gas vapor has disappeared. In addition, the queue changes the period of Omumoum's rotation, but no such changes have been made.

This change in the Oumoumuna orbit can not be broken by a small fraction of the asteroid, because it is an impeccable stock, rather than a continuous impact. In this situation there is only one possibility: excess energy is from the sun's radiation. For this energy efficient, Oumamura should be thin than a millimeter, but the size is less than 20 m. It is a solar canal, like the solar canvas of Japanese IRRAS Mission.

Suppose this space object is artificial, and we can not decide whether this is one Space letter "in a bottle"It has reached us only after years of searching for signals from alien civilizations. The solar canvas intercars have survived the constant disputes, such as atoms and dust, as it travels through galaxies.

When Oumoumuna takes into consideration the possibility of a synthetic origin, it is good to remember what Sherlock Holmes is saying – what is the most unbelievable truth when all possible options are omitted. The Kepler Space Telescope has proven that most of the Milky Way galaxies are stars. Planets are similar to Earth, and, as we know, have the potential for liquid water in the surface and in life. That is why it's good to assume that the interstellar material is artificially generated – perhaps used for intelligence purposes, sometimes the devices snippets. But to check the artificial origin of Oumoumuna, more data is required. Or, Carl Sagan says,Unusual evidence is required for unusual claims".

In fact, the possibility of an artificial cosmic body in the solar system is very low. If there is a possibility that we face a similar thing, it will be the way to the distant star15 Solar lanes – ie every 5 minutes. But if the objects like Ommunda do not fly unexpectedly, these solar ramps will reduce the orbital paths that allow the solar system to reach the inner parks of the planets.

Ououmuna moves very quickly, so our chemical and fuel missiles can achieve without the gravitational help of the planets. But this weird typhoon takes thousands of years to abandon the solar power. We can study with a space probe that develops technologies for faster space travel in the next 10-20 years.

In addition, we can expect a new star. Over the next few years, large LSST (Large Synopsis Survey Telescope) can be highly portable and similar to other objects of similar nature. It is believed that many similar objects are found in his first year. But if you do not see others, let's understand that Omuma is a real specialist. We have to get together and hide it.

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