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11 and 76 billion Leva pensions will go next year for social benefits

The ban on gambling on the basis of the debate under Art. State Social Security 1

Next year will have 11 billion bills of state social security. Of these, 9.9 billion levels are pension. This was adopted in the second reading by the deputy in the poll of the art. A unified budget of the SSS. The socialists wanted to vote in the riot, but at 9 o'clock this talk started. 1, the rest of the law will continue tomorrow. Open everything in the dark and mock the opposition. The law must be mocked and muted. We do not hear what we're casting. BJP MP George Gikov told the GNB: "You just have to vote, but his recommendation was not accepted.

The DBS also recommends that the pension benefits will be revised to 5.7 per cent by April and 150 million matric metric permission. However, it was rejected.

BSP has helped raise more than one billion. The BGNL 3900 and the Bynlin 1560 pension pension did not get the BGNL minimum salary.

"From GERB, you are cowardly and Bulgarians do not tell Bulgarians that they will increase their insurance revenue," said Red Dragomer Steinove, BSP said he would be 3900, and Vladimir Tochev from GERB said the minimum wage in 2009 was 240 levels, now 510 lows, After the GRB It is becoming worse after management and stove counters.

Kirillov called Stonyin to accept the idea of ​​a call to Danny, the chief of the department. BSP presidents often repeat the same thing at least 9 hours after your birthday.

Discussions in Article 1 lasted for one and half hours. It wanted 15 minutes to rest. Soon thereafter, it became a matter of controversy. The patriotic pedestrage shop was asked to end this discussion. But it blamed the red men who wanted to talk. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Svia Kartnya, was dismissed ten. But they stayed firm. Members of the BSP were immediately put into the list of all members of the parliamentary group. Now that I have a list, I will give everyone a stand. Legal disagreements would continue and change the title of the law.

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