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Which are the exact tests should be technical, teachers say – news


In 2018 (Secondary Education National Exam) will end on the second day. Sunday (11), students will gain an additional 30 minutes to complete the exam.

A Language and humane evidence has proved to be the latest and most complex of today So teachers believe that this can be applied in a clear test.

"The life of the students is important, the reality is that actually concentrating on reality and making it more complicated when you are capable of doing it," says Ricardo Costa, a chemist professor and doctoral student.

However, this version is still hoping for a technical test and a high level of interaction between the content that has been studied throughout high school. Oh R7 Exactly three teachers spoke up and collected some tips to help you during this Sunday exam.

What are you expecting from the right tests?

Professor Costa also said that chemical tests would be difficult and should be remembered for chemical bonds, ions, coines and interlocal cues. Teachers are also opposed to questions that are stereotric calculations, as chemistry study materials, as well as their behaviors and conversions.

Costa also believes that the higher the likelihood of computation, density, concentration, and the possibility of electricity (batteries) and heat (knife) production forms. "Today's world's major energy sources have proven biological materials such as hydrocarbons (petroleum) and alcohol (ethanol) have been discussed, and plenty of discussions about plastics and reprocessing are being done."

This year's physical exam must have classical subjects, but there are issues of current science issues. Venerando Santiago de Oliviera, physicist of the polyhedron courses of São Paulo and Campinas, said: "The highest impact issues of the AmE are: the search and wave, the movement, the balance mechanism, the power and magnetic phenomena, the production and consumption of electric energy, thermal phenomena, energy and mechanical power.

As for the teacher, themes have not come out of the background, rather than the new space race, and the current issues of the colonization of the moon and colonization. "In the experiment, it is quite natural to see gravity issues including satellite launch and operation, and interventions involving biological behavior in space."

He also believes in the use and use of remote communication technologies and the issues associated with the electromagnetic phenomenon. Mechanical problems can be caused by motion problems with electric cars, commuter trains, cars, high speed tunnels, airways, trains and high speed airplanes.

In physics, proficiency in proficiency, the equivalent of robots, electricity, and biological matters in the field of emphasis on high technology, such as robotics. Use of drone and nanotechnology.

In the field of zoology, the English professor Javo Carlos Coleo certainly has environmental issues and human physiology topics. Eem contextualizes Are Your scientific knowledge in your everyday life and in the background of Brazil? "

The Yellow Pony Teacher, for example, thinks about this occasion. The deaths of many monkeys can also be explained about how natural deaths affect their chains, because the seeds that destroy the plants do not go over.

This pesticide application can be diagnosed with bioremediation and phytoremediation as well as agro-communications from metabolic activities. Microorganisms (nudity, bacteria), and also the removal of soil debris. For instance, in the field of Mariana's damaged iron and manganese soil, these projects were set up to make waste. This "cleaning" of the soil allows local plants to be born again.

You can still ask questions you want to know about the food ministry's presence in the pesticide. High density of soil, watering, algae, fish, and fish eaten, to the top of the ear.

"AE is the most sought-after examination for compacting, composting, biodiversity and biodiversity." But the compose should be selected to select one of these subjects.

The mathematical examination and the need to retain the standard used for a few years ago, should also be addressed to the subjects required for subjects like ratio, function, geometry, statistics and probability. "In the context of examinations, there is a lot of technical knowledge on mathematics [problemas de matemática]"Explains the mathematician's teacher of Anglo-Teigo tutra de Aurão.

Poor, it should not slow down

This year, the MEC (Ministry of Education) and Inep (National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Anísio Teixeira) have solved 30 minutes to solve the questions, do not despair. Plan your test within 5 hours, solve 90 questions, but make sure you take the time to complete your response card. The Russians will not accept, and the candidate will not contest the candidates.

Aim Writing: You can not forget this Sunday

For this final study three teachers need calm advice. "I will say with confidence and calmness that the possibility of a good test can be reasonable for you," Professor Costa said.

Biologist Professor Kolio suggests that the candidates utilize the roots, cashew, para and other resources. With the satisfaction of starvation, like seeds, it does not hurt a chocolatinho because it gives a boost and gives you a vigor to finish a test.

Physicist Professor Oliviera has suggested that it will not be a part of the celebration that is celebrated in the past year. "Do not leave food and sleep regularly while you're eating."

In addition, the student of the observer student will have to start the calculation immediately after departure. "Think yourself a lot of time on the journey to the proof site, already known, You can not add more tension before the race. "

"It's not a test, but it is not a trail, it is an honest experiment, there are questions to review that it has not been hurt by any of the studies we have prepared," says Biologist professor Koleho.

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