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Volser Priority Globally increases discomfort – 11/16/2018

It is not possible to glance at some of the gloves, sometimes with the equivalent treatment. But it is harder to deny the priority given to the valcier dealer who is taking up the new novel.

The facts are irrelevant.

You may have already called up the ones you wish until all the papers are full.

The first of these events, along with Opperea and Juliana Paes, is in the midst of some unease.

Others followed. Jose de Abrey, the title of "Happy Days" – "The Guard Guardian" headed by Duca Rachid and Telma Gaidz.

Reynalda was declared and confirmed in "Bom Süssosso", just like Giyanachechi, but it changed the sentence.

Learn more about Valcee sovereignty. As a writer, he has not done anything wrong, he gets a very powerful bet of his actions.

But it is clear that such movements have created some disadvantages in many authors and have the same benefits.

Green symbol

Glaucoma was not even present in the first season of the "first parents", and a new comedy series on Sunday, Antonio Prater, has already been authorized to think twice.

The same acting and direction will be recorded next year. With six episodes. In the sky, from 25

Ticket in hand

Salvio Santos is on the 16th of December.

He and his family. Return only after Carnival.

Jian Karwalho / Malshoh
Lazarus takes on "Lady Night" Photo: Jian Karwalho / Malslow


Lazarus Ramos receives Tata Werne on Monday in "Lady Night" in Multnush.

In the works of the novels "Novels Claises" and "Rollette D Puppies" they will walk in different situations involving the theater and acting of the dance.

It's worth it

The order to be a substitute for breakfast in the globe is stated at this location, not the authorities, nor does it return.

Patricia Kytaetta, An Farthoto in "Encontro", Ricardo Perera on "My Woocommerce".

only one

Unfortunately, next Monday, Cissa Guimarães will replace Maria Braga.

Anna Furtado, the same day, will also attend a new radio session called Radio Therapy.


"Zeded Alta", a record holder of Louis Backwell's record.

It ended in October last year. In the past months, it has been repeated.


Aguilillo Silva has long been warned that "Seventh Guardian" must be very different.

In fact, the fulfillment of the promise is the first chapter. At least, a novel that does not look like a novel.

To be defined

Globe has no official position on new projects for the incarnation of American actor Fernando Pontus.

In fact, the 15 year old "Planeta Brazil" will not be part of a program since 2019.

Joao Rafosa / SBT
Carlos Bartholace, Chris Florez, Danielle Dowie, at the Palmeras stadium Image: João Raposo / SBT

Barbecue at Allianz

Chris Flores's BBQ at SBT, which is broadcast on Saturday, was recorded at the Brazilian Barbecue Pallamiras Stadium in Alliance Park.

See everything. The participants took part in the task of preparing a fiery steel. As guests, former players Tanoh and Indo.

Balance sheet

The fifth edition of Pondy & # 39; s event, held at Globe Headquarters, São Paulo. The fifth edition of the "Mobile Life" will be held at the Globe headquarters in São Paulo on Thursday. The program's social retrospective program, a year.

There will be many home names.

Everything merged

Band, and Roberto Justes were surrounded. In 2019, the film "Apprentice" will be screened in March.

It will be shown at 10.30 pm on Monday nights.

Beat – rebate

• NANP PEOPLE, Transpolicy Marcos Paulo's first ever video footage of "The Seventh Guardian" was recorded this week.
• … Cheryl Asul introduces him as one who knows the secret of the villain Marcela's character of Lilla Cabral.
• Interest increased in NBA broadcasts
• … current season in ESPN channels is 20% higher than last year.
Bell Zegor Hotel presented the Belgian series this year at Mono Carlo Television Festival. On Friday, Mice showed up on Globeslat Play.
• … and operators in demand platforms …
• … In the 10 episodes, curiously Kato Hoeven (Lin Van Rowein) was killed in a hotel.
• TV On the network! The Truth document introduces a special report on adoption this Friday.
• … The stories of families that have been built from the monastery, among them the couple who adopted their adoptive children after their adoption.
• … In the queuing queue, a case of homosexual marriage is recorded.

* Jose Carlos joined Neron

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