Saturday , June 10 2023

The Ministry of Labor says that the extinction occurs


BRASÍLIA E RIO – (all rights reserved.) Thursday's (7) presidential elected Jaire Bolzarroo (PSL) said the Ministry of Labor should stop.

At the press conference of the Superior Court of Justice (SJG), the Ministry explained that the ministry "will be absorbed by another".

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Technical Director of the Inter-Union District of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (DISE) Clement Gunnus Lusio, it was stated The absence of the labor ministry is symbolic because economic development should not be the goal of creating jobs, but only to evaluate the consequences of the design of the Minister's restructuring. Furthermore, occupation and employment.

"It is symbolic to end the Ministry of Labor to end the Ministry of Labor," said Gunz Luzio. Next, I can not say, because I do not know what is being offered.

The director of the DSEC says that it is necessary to create job opportunities and the purpose of redefining social and labor protection policies. These policies include unemployment insurance, employment interaction, training, professional eligibility, employment health care, micro credit provisions for self employed workers, their own account and solidarity economy, anti-union activities, slavery-related struggles, and others.


In two messages posted on Twitter today, Bozson said that he does not care to represent racing or sex with his team-mates.

"I'm not worried about the color, sex, or sex of my team members, but the goal of struggles against growing Brazil, organized crimes and corruption is, among other emergencies," Bolson said.

In the second message, a parliamentary question asks: "Does anyone think that I'm going to go out or ask me what to do to post each post to government posts? That's a big joke."

So far, not a future elected minister. If you raised a question yesterday in Brazil, Bolson said: With the mandate of journalists, the president's elected presidents replied: "I do not know, there are ten or 12 open positions, and that will definitely be."

The first list of transition teams is not taken into consideration. After criticizing the Bolsters, four women nominated for the team are expected.

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