Sunday , April 2 2023

The end of time: Marcos is afraid of the family


Time does not end: Marocas family fears - press release / TV is not glow / time

Marocas (Juliana Pui) is afraid to see her family dressed in the 19th century.

Samucca (Nicholas Prats) marries everything that happens.

Find out what's going on in today's chapter:

Lewis says he returned to Brazil to repair Emilio's evils. Carmen Luzio in Dom Sabino says her disbelief. Marijačla tells Betania that Lucio wants to see her. Marilellerla tells Luzio that she is out of sile school and that the end of the investigation on Elioy's death is incorrect. Melokas is surprised to see the entire family dressed in the nineteenth century dresses, so that he can ask him to marry him.

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