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The alert creates a hormone at the age of 25



Production was gradual, in some cases

Hormone is about 25 years old

On 11/18/2018

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In a music orchestra, if there is only one tune on different devices, it will break all the orchestras. The same thing happens with the hormones that produce our body. If one of them is more or less, it will affect the proper functioning of our body. It helps to regulate the functioning of many organs, help reproductive activities, regulate metabolism, controls deficiencies before age 25, and cause depression, fatigue, body weight, worsening, wrinkles, fatigue and inflammation. Hair
"The safest way to prevent premature stagnation bayeadairrikkal replace the hormones. The production structure of the tanmatravumaya hearmeanukalil chemically similar to our body. So, go for more physical activity in our body. These hormones and physiological aparyaptatayuteyum deasejukaliluman use of Oram Uka, "says Alexander Gomer the asevedea, he deaktaruman a nrttealajisrrum ortteamealekyular.

Insufficient hormone deficiency

Growth hormone (GH)

  • This is a cell regulator that has a lot less than 25 years of age. GHH levels lower than adults are associated with fat, depression, fatigue, bone mass (osteopopia), resistance to physical activity, and increasing mortality. The GH can only be changed if their grades are lower or their effect is harmful to health. With good use, the GH will change some of the key factors of life and raise the standard of living.


  • This is the biggest hormone in the body. Starting from the age of 25, within 40 years, vitamin D produces half of the DHEA that produces up to 20 years. DHA serves as a raw material for the production of many hormones, such as the testosterone estradiol. It improves immune function, mood, energy, and intelligence. Several studies have proven about the low level of DHEA and the risk of mortality from aging related diseases.

Thyroid hormones (T3, T4)

  • Thyroid hormones control our metabolism, and in addition to other important functions. Body fat, hair loss, hair loss, fatigue, bad cholesterol, and memory loss can cause.


  • The testosterone is considered to be male hormone, which is mainly stomachs. Production of testosterone produces a progressive reduction. It causes damage, depression, an increase in chronic hemorrhoids, mosquito accumulation, increases fat in the body, and libido erraction. Women are producing testosterone, but in very small quantities there is a 20 to 30 point reduction in humans. In women, it works in the fight against cellulite, the quality of the muscle of levio and muscle.


  • Estrogen production begins in adulthood. This may lead to signs of symptoms like heart disease, depression, lido lobaxation, dry skin, and symptomatic disruption of the hormone. Osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. The amount of these hormones in the woman can help maintain water and increase body weight. Man produces estrogen, but in very low doses.


  • It is a hormone projector that improves the mental status of a woman, which helps prevent osteoporosis and thus become natural diary. Estrogen and Prenatal: It is important to keep women's balance in the hormone changes. Because estrogen effect can increase body weight by a woman's fluid retention.


  • It is an important molecule for the formation of hormones estradol, progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone. This decreases as low as anabolic hormones (tissue manufacturers) after the age of 30. Studies have shown that pregnant women can help them with memory.


  • A hormone production in the menateonine brain is the internal phenomenon called phenol, which is the main component of sleep control. The production of melaton is reduced from 10 to 15% after 20 years. Every decade has been age. Therefore, diarrhea increases the risk of obesity. There are other important activities related to sleep, which protect our species from various journals, which acts as a strong antioxidant in the brain and still plays an important role in the anti-aeration.


  • Cortisol may have high productivity as a daily stress and stress persistent person. But, over time, the gastrointestinal tract will go to the bank, which is sharp and great. Symptoms of cortisol blood in the blood have symptoms of depression, fatigue, swelling and hypotension.

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