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SBC said that prostate cancer was first diagnosed


Because of prejudice and fear, many are still undergoing a preventative test for prostate cancer. The second most common cause of death among men in lung cancer.

Ricardo Antones, president of the Brazilian Society of Cancerology (SBC), warns that unless there is a chance to diagnose the risk of further diagnosis, there will be a substantial reduction in the cost of treatment.

"The World Health Organization (WHO is the world's biggest health challenge, the origin of 20 million new cancers) is one of the biggest health challenges in the world, affecting half of those affected, and 30 percent of 60,000 new cancer cases in men are fatal tumors.

The importance of preventing prostate cancer (such as Campanova / Agignia Brazil) is now supported by the Neo-Nile campaign to focus on the importance of early diagnosis.

The importance of preventing prostate cancer, the attention of men for early diagnosis, Waldater Campano / Agignia Brazil

Against this, he remembers the importance of the Blue Campus in November, a move that emerged in Australia in 2003 and very recently in Brazil. The doctor will also monitor the doctor's blood and doctor to find the enzymes that enhance men's immunity, especially the immune system, which promotes immunity.

According to Oncologist, starting to test these exams every year from 50 years to every year. 45 years of age tests should be conducted for family history of cancer. In this case, the possibility of combating evil increases by three to ten times.

Ricardo Antones is a big challenge, "There are two great motives that fear men: Eating, fear of evolution of urinary tract." But scientific knowledge and drugs are being advanced for treatment, and he is trying to wake up, asserting that the risk of death is also a high cost and quality of life.

Prokat cancer is not known now. However, there is a possibility that family history can grow through men. Red meat and fat based diet requires more alcohol or lowered tobacco consumption. Among the top priorities for fruits and vegetables based foods, tomatoes, carrots and pulses (beans, peas, soybean) are very low.

The SBC president agrees that awareness campaigns are not good enough. He argues that the patient needs more access to the defense tests and treatments until the patient's waiting period takes six months to the Unitefied Health System (SUS).

Ricardo Antuens added that the understanding of public health sector should be the age of Brazil. "In Brazil, life expectancy has increased by 30 million people by 2025. 80% of cancer patients are older.

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