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Learn how to see copa live online


At Arina de Beaxeda in Quebeaba, Wednesday (07) Wednesday at 21h45 is Atlético-PR. In the first edition of the 2016 South American Cup semi-finals, LIVE will be online online.

To follow this great decision with Brazilian teams, the fan will have two options online. Atlato-PR x Fluidance Torcedores.com helps you to live on Fox Play and SporTV Play.

How can you see it online:

The Fox sports channel has exclusiveity and the Fox app passes 20h30 (from Brasilia), which requires users to remember the game to be a subscriber. Access a link from your computer or mobile device, start playing, get started (https://foxplay.com/live), and then click on FOX sports option. The channel did not announce that this broadcast would be conducted.

The match will be broadcast on SporTV Play. Comment by Paulo Cesar Vasconcoszos about Julio Olivara's broadcasting.

Globoset play pay-per-channel channel requires username and password to identify the subscriber.

Another way to get through the web is to connect to an online scoreboard on torndores.com

Information Altitude-PR x Fluoromans:

On 28th of May, at Maracaque, just a three-week return home game takes place. If someone moves Atlato-PR x Fluidance The winner will face the semi-finals of Santa Fe (COL) and Junior Barranquehah (COL). The Colombians will play on 8 and 29 of this month.

Technical Data Sheet:

Atlato-PR x Fluidance

Competition: 2018 South American Cup – semifinal (one way)
Position: Arena da Baxida, in Curitiba – PR
Date: November 7, 2018, Wednesday

Timetable: 9:45 pm.m. (Time of brasilia)
Referee: Roddy Sambrao
Helpers: Christian Lesnano, Byron Lescan (Equador Reference Three).

Video Referee (VAR): Mauro Vigliano, from Argentina.

Transmission: SporTV Play and Fox Play

Real Time: Torodorus.com
Possible athletic- PR: Santos; Jonathan, Polo Anne (Theigo Heleno), Leo Perera, Ronan Lodi; Wellington, Lacho, Raphael Veiga; Marcelo Sirino, Pablo and Nicosa. Technician: Theooga lies.

Chance fluorosis: Julio Cesar; Gum, deigo, ebenus; Leo (Etherton), Richard, Jodson, Seronso, Ayron Lucas; Emelslides, Luciano. Technician: Marcelo Oliviera.

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