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Laurenton asserts that the ministry of boronore will be a ministry in a radio interview


Oox Lorenzone said "humor hurts" for the formation of a "Ministry of Citizenship" under James Bolsarro (PSL). A joint venture of the government and future chief of staff onyx lawrensony,

The new folder will focus on social development, human rights and anti-drug policies. Now the Ministry of Social Development of the federal government and the Ministry of Human Rights.

Lorenzonney said in a statement that the new structure could be retained as part of the Ministry of Labor. But this model will be analyzed by President-elect Jair BallSarores.

"The Ministry of Labor will go to any other Ministry of Manufacturing & Citizenship, or Citizenship for Civil Development or Human Rights.

"This hammer will take over … human rights and social development and will bring Senadiyam [Secretaria Nacional de Políticas Sobre Drogas]He also works with the drug addicts, "he adds.

  • Bolson Senor Ministers

In the discussions on the structure of the new government, the Human Rights and Social Development Folders were included in the Cabinet ministers' Senator Magno Malta (PRS).

Social Development Portfolios, for instance, are responsible for the Bozza Familyia Program, for other ventures in social areas such as Progressor and Happy Child Programs.

Bozsarroo says he will go back to the job of staying in the job

Bozsarroo says he will go back to the job of staying in the job

On Tuesday (13), Bursanaro said in an interview in Brasilia that the Ministry of Labor will retain its position and reintegrate into other areas.

"This is the Ministry of Labor's Ministry of Commerce, which is like the Ministry of Commerce and, of course, is it all right," said the president.

Lawrence Henry said that Bolseraro had received two drawings for the Esplanade. It is still under review. In both the models, the work will be divided into the existing structure.

According to the minister, the future folder of citizenship can be included in the labor ministry.

"There is a secretariat in the public policy in the labor force and other matters related to others [Cidadania]"Said Lorenzone.

The responsible area for union letters may be transferred to the Ministry of Justice, led by Federal Judge Serio Morro. BozSarroo has not yet taken any decision.

"One of the specified images, but not [Bolsonaro] Union letters are being issued to the Ministry of Justice. Decided to go into the hands of Moore because it is permanent for corruption, "Lorenzony said.

Lorenzony commented on the possibility of a government to produce a "productive" ministry that could create a portion of the current duties of the Labor Ministry.

The new ministry will be the recipient of the Ministry of External Trade and Services of India (MDIC). The future portfolio of economics should be in foreign trade of MDI.

"Part of foreign trade will go to FSANDA [Economia] The part of the MDiC, which does not intervene with the foreign trade, will be part of the Ministry of Manufacturing, "he explained.

The transition team will decide to introduce tire models for the boltsoro this Wednesday, so he can check the changes in the coming days.

Lorenzone said federal deputy Luiz Mandetta (DEM-MS) is a favorite of the government's health ministry. "Priority" in the presidential election is with Congress, according to Lawrenceson.

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