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LAMAM airlines reduce the cost of US $ 2.3 billion and improve performance


Latvia's largest air transport group says it plans to raise 2.3 billion dollars between 2018 and 2021.

11/06/2018 REUTERS / Regis Duvignau

11/06/2018 REUTERS / Regis Duvignau

Photo: Reuters

Some are from Santiago, Chile based companies. In the pre-determined investments, the foreclosures would be reduced by 41 per cent.

"A few years ago, the company did not make such a huge effort to modify its planning, and the important thing is that we have a much better way of investing in the macroeconomic context," said Ramirez Alphonse, vice-president of the airline.

The company said it will control costs in the third quarter, while pressure from fuel prices increases. In the July-September period, Lama earned 53 million yen. 67 per cent decline.

The company's revenues in the third quarter were very challenging, "said Alponson.

The Planning Commission predicts that the ratio between 6.5 percent and 8 percent will be achieved this year.

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