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It is reported that the operative targets of MPs are already receiving Flavio Bolzarroo


On Tuesday, two ministries, temporarily responsible for the 22nd of May, were awarded the honor of Flavio Bolserore, elected as Senator. One of their mother and wife worked in parliamentary office.

Police are the chief and suspected of being the head of an army. Ronald Polo Alves Perera has also been investigated for participating in a massacre. In December 2003, four young men who showed a house in the Baxax Fluorama disappeared. After three days she was shooting them.

Four military police officers have already been found guilty. Only Ronald is one of the only victims in this case. The trial is in April.

Three months after the murder, the state republican Flavio Bolenzano was honored as a headmaster at the Republic of Río in March 2004. "Services provided to the Rio de Janeiro state" Ronald has honored. At that time, deputy used to justify the police's function in a housing complex.

One of the main members of the Musima Armed Forces group in West Zone was arrested on Tuesday in West Row.

A former police officer, known as the Armed Forces, was honored by Fluuio and Flavio Bolesanaro. The mother and wife of the criminals were appointed as employees at Flavio's office.

Rio became the legislature of October 2003. Prime Minister Admiral Magellhas was honored with Floowo Bolzarore's protons as Lieutenant. Flavoo wrote: "Military police expressed their commitment to submission and ability, expressing their speed and unusual behavior in their activities."

In 2005, Adriano again honored him in Alerg. Flaviol Bolsarரோo acknowledged, and he accepted the country's highest award: The Barton's Medal.

In 2007, the wife of Flavio office Adriano was appointed Parliamentary Advisor Daniel Mendonca de Costa Nubrigah.

In the same year, the MPs defended the activities of the armed forces. Algarj's speech has been recorded. Flavo said, "a group of policemen, soldiers, disciplines of a particular order and discipline, without doubt, trying to distance themselves from the abyss of society".

Flavio Bolzarroo says. He has a lot of benefits, he wants us not to steal from $ 20, $ 30, 40 dollars home. A friend leaves for traffic and dismisses a son. "

In contrast to Accra or Maggahas the Nobbrega, in connection with the slot machine mafia, in 2014, the police were expelled. Parliamentary adviser Raimum Veras Magelhua was appointed by Adolfo's mother in 2016, Flaviol Boloster.

Adriano's mother and wife were in office until November 2018. Last year's AllRegire website was $ 2,500. Their salary in October gives a high value: R $ 5,100.

Coffe points out that Flavio Bolzano was depositing $ 4,600 to Remina, former adviser to Fabrizio Quiroz. The report reveals that in a single year, Fabriccia has an unusual move of $ 1.2 million.

Flova Bozzer has issued a papers on Tuesday. He continued as a victim of a defamatory campaign that approached the government.

Rummond Veras Magelhas, who appears in the Caffeine report, has appointed his former manager Fabricio Quiroz, who supervises his work and does not know what Coffe has now revealed.

He said that the senators are right and that the responsibilities are judged.

Flavio Bolzano spoke about military honors, and he always worked to protect public safety agents. Hundreds of other prizes have already been given: "Those who are mistaken have to react to their actions."

Faberso's defense also ensured a senator's choice. When they worked together in a former battalion, Adrian met with him. He also suggested that he was the recipient of Adriano at Flavio's office. The woman and the man requested a former police officer to appoint him because he expressed solidarity with the family that had been arrested by Adrian.

On Monday (21) National Newspaper showed the naked picture of the real estate deal in Flavio Bolsarore.

Documents received by Doc McAfee receive a $ 550 million in tax relief, as well as on March 24, 2017. This is indicated by a panel of experts by George Nashal. In a typical real estate deal, the people call a signal.

In a message posted on social networks Tuesday, Flavio Bolzarore's expression and signature is not a factor. He said the signal was received through bank transfer, inspection and diwait. "Payment in principle on March 24, 2017."

According to Flavio, as the payments have been made, he has invested money in the account.

But experts of real estate writers in the National Alcohol Service say this is not the case. According to their estimates, registration at registration, R $ 550,000 receipt, sign, payment principle, means March 24, 2017, means that the full payment was paid before or before that date.

In a message published on the Internet, Senator Candidate Flavio Bolesono, the amount in ATM, $ 2,000 to $ 2,000, envelope on the envelope, $ 2,000, and standard, bank branch.

Technical resistance of Fabricio Quirous stated that he would strongly withdraw any fake attempt to link his name to the armed forces. The classified data is illegally provided; This disclosure in the media is a violation of the basic rights of the citizen.

JN was unable to contact other people quoted in the report.

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