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It has a super simple color that helps you lose weight


It has a super simple color that helps you lose weight

It has a very small amount of calorie value, which is why a great substitute for coffee or orange juice. Here is a chicken cup of tea.

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. There are many reasons for this. It is comforting, the hands will warm up in the cold days, to cure the cold and to better sleep. However, it is a feature that makes it more popular: the ability to make us better. The most widely used versions have more than one tea.

"The value of low calorie intake and good participation for those who want to lose weight does not indicate that this is a drink that can help with hydration and can also be used as cakes and pancakes," said Nutritional Expert Maria Gama.

Use two sheets.

This plant has 44 calories per 100 grams. If you think of a service from 235 millers, you can only eat two calories with two fresh and dried leaves.

In addition, you can regularly replace the sugar with 29 calories in the cup and save up to 27 calories. It gives a total of 189 calories a week. If you think about a month in 31 days, the value goes to 837. It spreads to excess orange juice. This adds to the excess amount of sugar and covers the food. Pick and choose options that help ultimate goal.

The fact that this tea contains fibers has its advantages. Therefore, when it comes to healthy eating, it can help keep your mind healthy.

Benefits do not end here.

However, the tea is the best friend of General Hell. For instance, do you know that this version will help not only be a good digest but also to eliminate toxins?

NiT wrote "Gate in the Line" blog: "It is used to fight against gastrostestinal disorders, stomach problems, cough and cough.

The expert also reveals that the oily content of this vegetable contains micro-micro activity. That is, sore throat can help. In addition, it has the glitter of properties that helps to avoid stress and help improve sleep.

"The smooth leaves can be used in various ways, in full, broken, dry ground or frozen."

Of course, tea is not an isolated activity that can help lose weight. However, if you have a healthy, varied diet and physical exercise, it will be more helpful because of nutritional composition.

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