Thursday , June 8 2023

In Sierra, it is reported that 50 cities are already oppressed by violence


The number of cities in Ceara has been the victim of attacks since the beginning of the year.

Fire and destruction are frequent three weeks after the attack. No one knows where and where they will be. For this reason a simple abandoned bag screwdds up, buildings collapse, and in the streets, everyday life changes.

"We have no hopes for what's going on, and we're worried about backpacking at once," says engineer Francesca Rejien Babbrosa.

"This is a small threat, but people should learn to deal with these risks," said Nurse Sandra Cordiero.

The response of the authorities is a strong center for policy proposals. The federal government has also sent 400 National Force Officers and 262 Federal Highway Patrol Agents.

Bahia, Pernambuco, Puyui, and Santa Catarina, also sought help. At least 140 policemen.

The Ceylon Government called reserve MPs and brought about 800 people back to work. In addition, organized crime convicts handed over attacks from jails across the country.

This did not prevent further attacks. He says that criminal proceedings for the Sensor Barrage are very predictable.

"They are taking place in different places, and the targets are even different, they are no longer organized, and today they attack other targets."

Public works, public school buildings, bridges, viaducts, garbage trucks, cars and power utility stations are also involved in crimes. Seven persons were injured in the attack on Monday night.

The bomb was exploded at the energy substation at Fortaleza and set fire to the city hall. Municipalities have also been completed in the cities of Ikaretta and Quikassa. The Daiyah Dental Center in Kukia was also a tapestry in Fottala.

To prevent the attack we need to be further strengthened.

"More support and further progress in the penitentier system can cover most parts of the entire state, so we have a support but we can worry more of these activities, Secretary André Costa said in these criminals.

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