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How to install a flat and modern theme on Ubuntu and Linux Mint – DioLAX

Learn how to install a modern luxury flat theme on your Ubuntu and Linux Mind.

If you want to customize your Linux, the options of the system's symbol will always be welcomed, and leave the system more in your own way and in "personality". Please understand that flat-quarter themes will always be customized, for example Nuxx, Paparazas, Goodbye And SapphireWe made a post that shows this

    How to install a modern, modern anti-free theme in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

The theme is based on Boston topic, an icon theme based on Theme EvoPOP-gtk-theme, a very fun and innovative combination.

Official project images

Theme installation

The theme is very simple to install. First you need to download the GitHub project, the next file to open your file manager and display the secret files, normally press the key color of the nemo (Linux Mint) and Nautilus (Ubuntu / GNOME) "CTRL + H"


Between the folders you can see "." (Dot) you will see this start now, there will be a folder named ".themes", you can create it without any problems.

Unzip the theme folder by downloading it in this folderIn the first place"Simply use to switch to the new theme GNOME Pull In UbuntuGNOME Shell) Or in the Control Panel and the themes in the Themes menu that you can change to "the" theme. Theme also works on other GTK interfaces like XFCE, Mate, and Budgei. However, some details "no place has been changed".

Official project images

To download the theme, access this gnome through this link or via GitHub.

I hope in the next post, strong embrace.

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