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From Spain, São Paulo is immune and defines the player's future

In São Paulo, the weekend of the crocodile was great. Top scorer of São Paulo junior football cup, for Gabriel Novels Barcelona. Defender Dutta had loaned it, which was a striker, the tournament champions, and Ernst Frankfurt, with 70% playing for 1.8 million Europe.

Now Walsh, another athlete from São Paulo, is a part of a professional team that offers a 19-year-old defender.

Who sent a € 1 million euro offer if he was interested in Spain's villagers. However, President Leco said about the possibility of selling the sportsman at that price. I think it's too low.

Valce is often remembered for the Brazilian national team, and now the Chile's South American under-20 tournament has a hopcause.

In 2017, he participated in the tournament in France.

The Walsa Club is expected to get more seats in São Paulo since 2015. Arrowboa, Andersen Martenz and Bruno Allaves are expected to get more space in the club. He was ranked fourth in the Defensive System from the club. 19-year athlete.

In the last season, Walssey scored 42 goals from U-20 Saw polo and scored five goals. The player's attention is taken away from the scarcity of the player, the foresight and the spirit of leadership.

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