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Felipevo is self reconstructed at the age of 70


The opponents of Luiz Felipe Scolari were satisfied with all of the Palmerians, who saw him as unhappy leader with the Libertador's champion of 1999, Roger Muchado. From this point of view Felipepa fell from the sky. Even in China, Coach always remembered the Brazilian teams, but he did not want to go back. South Korea was in trouble for a new World Cup. He called for palmers, who was the best player of the year. However, nobody could close himself in weak opponents.

Fillipo's projects changed and the relationship between Pallimaru and his love. They looked back and returned to Brazil for the answer. Only two flags were able to reclaim Scholar – one of them is Palmeiras.

It was the wire of the mustache as on the old old days. Returning to Brazil in Brazil and reminiscent of Cup failure four years ago. But the distance is very good. As for Palmers, Felipepa was responsible.

The coach, who is 70 years this year, is still doing everything 20 years old. The coach was replaced by a broader perspective. He has bored the wave of big players taking big teams, even if they're not ready yet, Seni, Barberi, Jaire Ventura, Osmars Los On the way a few people.

In the same team, some clubs were transferred and tried to work after more experienced technicians. For example, athletico-mg. Santos surrenders to Kakka. Flooding in Dolomawal

Fillipavo palmaris had a cart blanch. If he did not, he would have done that. That was how he was. The first players are to get players. Davieson went to play more and was in the custody of the group. If Deevanson plays a "vogue" before the game, it still goes well, if he has a quarab who likes to fight, he is very disturbing, always upset and he does not lose the ball. Fillipo said, "Fillipo said, the attacker was easily confused by the field.

Fillipo tried to give the journalists a little bit of spinach in the courtyard of his hands. Everything inside your plan. Close the training, refuse, refuse, beat, and hit. Fillipock could not change what was in the club last time, "I am always alike", he repeated a few times.

Even though he is not in the academy, he lives a normal life near the stadium, dwells there, often found in his neighborhood, even with his wife Donna Olga at a festivities. "Felipeo loves everyone and I have a debt," Davidson said.

2016 Braziliano team joins the coaches of the team. Koppa di Brazil and Libertador. He did not.

In China in the last three years there are seven bowls. But in China … in China, other major technicians did not. Felipe comes to Practical School where they preach everywhere else. It's no more important than a champion. About recordings in the games held at Brasileiro, Philo said, "If nothing wins the Palmeiras tournament nothing will work". You succeeded. "It's important for me and Palmyra," said Felipao in Rio.

There are those who disagree. It can be remembered that a good team can play well. But it's close to that. I had to win the National. He is on the Mahotsavam of Palmira. He tried to bring him back.

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