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Ellen attacks Sherlock Holmes and finds Mitsuko rotten TV News


Abstract: Anderson (Juan Pieva) Mallow – Viva A. After a serious accident in diphtheria, Ellen (Hesline Vieira) attacks Sherlock Holmes and finds out what hit her brother on the bike. Nerd finds out that Mitsuko (Lina Ajifu) was the last person to see Motoboy before he lost control and crashed into a bus.

Second, 12/7 (Chapter 175)
Anderson was rescued in an ambulance. K2 manages the tattoo and tries to get closer to the boy. Mokwa warns Ellek and Das Doris about Anderson’s danger. Anderson is taken to the hospital where Nena works, and the nurse is disappointed with her son’s condition. Ellen tells Tina about her brother’s accident.

Keela, Fio, Bene and Laika go to the hospital where Anderson lives. Samantha suffers when she learns of the accident. When Malu arrives, Edgar, Ernesto and Boris speak. Everyone supports Ellen and Das Doors. Tina Mitsuko blames Anderson for what happened. Nena requests Mitsuko to run Anderson. Mitsuko announced that Anderson’s surgery would begin.

Tuesday, 8/12 (Chapter 176)
Everyone is praying at the hospital for Anderson. Noboru comforts Tina. Mitsuko warns that Anderson is in danger, and Nena thanks the doctor. Tato talks to Fio about K2’s pregnancy and assures him that he will resume dating. K2 asks Tato to reveal to Keela that he will be a father. Samantha supports Tina and claims that Anderson loves her.

Nena, Das Doors, Ellen and Tina come together for Anderson’s recovery. Mitsuko announced that Anderson could lose leg movement. K2 lies and tells Keela that she is pregnant. At the hospital, a police officer questions the source of the money found with Anderson at the time of the accident.

Wednesday 9/12 (Chapter 177)
Tina notices Mitsuko’s uneasiness during the police interrogation. Nena claims the money did not come from Anderson. Kayla explains to K2 how to take care of pregnancy. MB and Philip irritate Samantha, who is close to Lika. Kayla talks to Tatoo about K2’s pregnancy and says she will always be with her friend.

Mall facing Clara and Lika. Anderson wakes up from a heart transplant coma. Tina is looking for Anderson’s latest delivery. Keena goes to Bena about K2 and Tattoo. Tina insists that Anderson must remember the day of the accident, and Mitsuko is disappointed.

10/12 Thursday (Chapter 178)
Tina confronts Mitsuko, who demands that Tina step aside for Anderson’s recovery. Ellen worries about her family’s finances. She tells K2K1 that she will be a great mother. Ronnie finds out about K2’s pregnancy and scolds Tattoo.

Gabriel asks to spend a season with Ronnie. Ellen tells Keela that K2 may have faked her exams. Clara confronts Malu about her plans to cut costs at the Collegio Group. Ellen finds out that it was Mitsuko who asked Anderson for the final delivery before the accident. Anderson recovers his memory.

11/12 Friday (Chapter 179)
Anderson is sick, and Nena asks Elle to stay away. Ellen tells Tina that Anderson has recovered his memory. Doris leads K2 to reveal to her mother that she is having an abortion, and the girl is scared. Ronnie allows Gabriel to spend a season at his home. K2 fears it will be the target of school jokes.

Marta and Louise convince Derris to evaluate the publicity of his project. Ernesto bends his leg and Nena takes care of the teacher. Juka tells Beni that he is thinking about getting a job. Tina confronts Mitsuko. K2 is pushing to stay with Tatoo. Mallu asks Clara if Lika and Samantha are dating. Tina decides to leave home.

Malhao: Viva A. Dipherina’s chapters are provided by Globo and are subject to change without notice.

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