Saturday , June 10 2023

Election Tune: Most think military forces should increase the fight against corruption 2018 elections


This is what research shows in readers' answers G1 for election tuning (see the research method at the end of the report). The device, the Vox Pop Labs, Canada, and the G1allows us to identify which presidential candidate best suits the voters' ideas.

In response to electoral tuning, the reader said he agreed with 30 statements, and from these responses the tool indicated that the reader was in the ideological spectrum and what the candidate was like. Over one million people responded to the questionnaire.

This week, G1 publishes details of all 30 questions.

Sintonia Electoral, a civil advocacy tool developed by Vox Pop Labs social and statistical specialists exclusively in Brazil G1. The results are based on a selection of 496,038 selections from September 21 to October 29. To date, the device has carried out 1.139 million tests.

Unlike online polls, voters are not selected. As with public opinion polls, however, the data are roughly weighted by the non-random patterns of the population and the representative sample of the population. Election survey data are weighted based on gender, age, education, and region, thus ensuring the composition of the sample, reflecting the current population of Brazil according to census data and other population estimates.

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