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Demo's request to determine the bank's success in the resort


On Thursday, coach Dorval's junior expressed regret that he had lost Diego, Rodinie and Para in a match against sports. But it is "to express the glory". Between errors and precision, they won at the Flamengo Group's Rotho Island on 1-0. The success of the title in Brazil repeatedly.

Caron is a vanail in eskey

Caron is a vanail in eskey

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The introduction of the coach Flemmengo himself was not particularly satisfactory in the first half. In the final phase, when Lucas was sending smoke, along with the Dorval Junior batsman Everton Ribeiro and Berio, both attacked and lowly in the field.

After much more flemingo creations, Wilton climbed to the head of Wilson Aroo in the last beer in the closed corner. Along with the names after the bench, Dorowall had already taken into account the relationship with a defender, Rodolfo. On the right (except for Rohini, and in addition to Diego, the suspension was completed) succeeded in succeeding in the development of Lewi Dwarti. In the last tournament – the Santos in Maracana stopped 1-0, but inactive names were already crucial. On the right hand of Henry Dowrono, the benchster midfielder Diego sent Berlio to the right, Colombian attacked the area and scored for Rapparr. Shortly 10, since the arrival of Drivill, two attackers helped the bank.

Everton Ribera said continuing to continue on the bench while continuously competitive. The opportunity to help the players out of the match against the game has underlined. In view of shurt 7, this should be the thought of all athletes in the group.

– The teacher has chosen a more relaxed team. I went for a ball when I needed it. We did not stop believing, we created more dramas, and someone scored. On the other hand, the best free ones who reach the field should be presented. Midfielder Everett Ribera said.


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