Monday , June 5 2023

Cruiser takes the official position of striker Harnan Barcos to end the deal


Hernan Barcos is no longer a cruiser. The club was officially built to officially cancel the deal with the Argentine striker. That breaks for the year, but these parties are accepted on the basis of mutual understanding between the parties.

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Defended Cruziro in 24 matches - Photo: Vincent Silva / CrueleroDefended Cruziro in 24 matches - Photo: Vincent Silva / Cruelero

Defended Cruziro in 24 matches – Photo: Vincent Silva / Cruelero

In the middle of the previous season, Tokyo topped the tops of the tournament, Cruziro had an option. Already injured, except for Fred, Sassa and Ranil. Three hundred fishermen follow the losing space and wearing another shirt.

Bodririk has 24 goals and three goals in the Brazilian Cup semifinal. Against Palm Rivers (a match in São Paulo, Mairevo). His last career in Brazil was 34 years old. Before Crucíro he went through Pamímira, Gréio.

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Cruziro Esporti Club reports that striker Hernan Barcos does not act now. Taco Daposa signed a contract with Athletic, who was a very important player in the 2th season. A daily practice.

In the middle of last season, the boat came in a boat accident and got a boost. Pietersen was a disgraceful and memorable goal for Palmeiras in the Brazilian Cup semifinal. Piraatts helped directly succeed like Hex's success!

The External Celestial Board for the commitment to our back defense, professionalism and dedication thanks to sportsmen. In the background of his career, the boats are happy and happy.

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