Friday , March 24 2023

Creates an application for people with Brazilian dialogue with ABA


Josez Afsso Braga (47) was diagnosed with the ureotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The disease affects the central nervous system and affects progressive and unethical motor injuries. For the first year after being confirmed by the diagnosis, he missed all the movements and noise, as he would like to be called.

He even tested speech targeting applications, but most options in the market were only for English language, fixed dictionaries and an interpolated interface. When trained in Information Technology, his father used to spend time developing an alternative method for mining. That's when WeCanSpeak came.

Interview Privacy policy His wife, Valentiera Braga, was in the eye of a condominium of the South lake, in the eye-watching mirror. Just a few minutes before the conversation began, as the photo reporter prepared, he said: "Type a Tom Cruise (North American actor) filter to see me in good standing.

An interactive conversation has occurred only by the motions of an interview speaker, and the direction of the keys on a computer screen is converted to the audio until words are generated. Despite all the limitations, he says well, especially with the expert care he receives, his family and the full support of his friends.

The last day of WeCanSpeak's official launch was over 300 days in ten days Downloads. The device can be used on the computer Tablets It's available for free. A paid version is offered for "more demanding users," as See is self-styled.

One of the basic premises for app development is: universalities. Can be configured (the user can create its own dictionary using words and phrases that suit their own length); The simple, practical and intuitive (the user does not need too many instructions to speak in a simple format); (The tool can be accessed by all types of purchasing power holders).

The app allows fans to get friends on Thursdays at the poker game. Gambling is as early as his wife said. "Communication is the foundation of socialization, which is the biggest pain of illness if you lose its ability to socialize," he said.


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