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Changing health plans will be easy with the new law

RIO and Beneficiaries on June 3rd
Business health plans
, 67% of this region represents the users, they can
Portability of grace
Their agreement. So far, this kind of immigration is only valid for those with individuals / family members or membership plans. This change is made, as expected
The National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS)
When helping the change of production, there is an effect in the competition in this sector, without the loss of the grace pes that have completed its origin.

– This means that all consumers with health insurance will enjoy the same rights as they go to the requirements. To help improve the ANS competition, help more dynamic recession, allow better system improvement and strengthen customers' choices – says Rogerio Straubel, director of Standard Standards Standard of ASS.

The new law ends with a law that determines the limitation of the portability term of a contract known as a window. Another innovation is the possibility of migrating to a wide range of programs.

– The rules meet IDD requirements from 2010. However, the ANS lost its chance to reduce the number of people living for less than three years now. We have the right to have patient's precautions for at least two years while fulfilling his need in our assessment – Ana Caroline Nawaretta and Health researcher
Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection

Check out the new rules:

The types of the contract

Portability can now be done for individual / family plans and membership plans for users on business plan. This law allows any type of contract to be immigrated.


However, in order to migrate into a fellowship, the region or class relationship (trade unions, professional associations) have to prove. The corporate group needs employment, legal or beneficiary is an individual entrepreneur.


. Photo: The Globo Art
. Photo: The Globo Art

The plan should have been planned on or before January 1, 1999, or in relation to health plans, which should be activated and paid as a monthly fee.


If the first portability is required for two years on the first plan, it may take three to three years if the temporary partial news (CPT) is completed by the existing disease or injury. Once a portable person has to get a one-year contract. If you have made a transaction to a plan with no coverage provided in the previous contract, the term is the twin for two years.

To do

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Once the deadline is completed, the portability may be requested at any time, if the beneficiary has not been hospitalized. In this case, only after discharge.

The price

The present value of the plan must be compatible or cheaper than the current contract. The customer must access to check if the plan is suitable
ANS Health Plan Guide


No further commerce compatibility between source plan and destination vine. For example, a beneficiary of an outpatient plan may assist the portability of a hospital plan. Limited to low or low price limits than the original plan. It is necessary to give grace benefits to the new maturity. Delivery is not provided for 300 days and up to 180 days (such as admission or experimentation) for other admission.


There is a 10 day destination carrier to respond to the portability request. If it does not appear in that era, the exchange is assumed to be made. Company Portability can not be denied if requirements are not met.

No additional charges

There is no charge to demand portability of scarcity. Price of this plan will not be different among those who want to join portability. In cases where the consumer already entered into collective agreements signed by the customer.

There is no age limit

. Photo: The Globo Art
. Photo: The Globo Art

Portability does not have any age limit. Risk selection by operators is prohibited because of age or early sickness or wounds.

One for each

The beneficiary of the Portability Health Plan Plan is an individual. Practically, this means that there is no need to migrate at the same time for another contract if it does not wish for all members of the contract or family.

Price is not important

. Photo: The Globo Art
. Photo: The Globo Art

The portability of a portable business plan should not respect the price range. In particular portability, such as operator operations, and another operators that allow ANS to offer special portability directly, no cost and time requirement are required.

No requirements

Joint project operator or contractor (company or association) canceled; Man dies after contracting Dismissal, resignation, exclusion or retirement; When you lose the dependency of the Customer's Plans. Do not require precautionary precautions. That is, the contract before 1999, it does not need to be active, is not compatible with the target plan. Portability is required for 60 days after cancellation.


. Photo: The Globo Art
. Photo: The Globo Art

Portability Once the customer has to request within five days to cancel the previous plan. Requesting to request a boat is a carrier carrier. If the cancellation is not settled, the customer will be rewarded with the intended plan.

Health statement

Filling a new health declaration form is prohibited, except for the converts that are not given in the original plan.

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