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BOSO River opened in Final and Final Experimental Giant Tradition in Libertadores


Two American giants – South American football, Boca Juniors and River Plate – arrived in Brazil at 18 o'clock on the last historic last days of the Copenhagen coordination in the city of Copenhagen. One of them is talking about new ones in the game. Argentine rivals will take a decision for the first time in their 59-year controversy.

Tournament round-trip games will be called superclassics after the last deciding of the games. Campbell's announcement a few months ago, since 2019, a match will be a fight-the next year, champion Santiago, will be known in Chile. Bowie River, Palmiras and Grimi were eliminated in the semifinal. "Lunch and dinner" in Argentina. This is similar to the 24th, when the Esta Monomental de Nunes returns to the conflict.

Argentina is divided. The former president of Boca, now Argentine president Maurice Maura, has summarized the nuisance of the country. "The loser will take twenty years, and if one of the two finalies is in Brazil, that would be nice," he said.

On Friday, the delegation of both teams and combo received the latest information. Like São Paulo, the biggest games in the country do not believe in the presence of rival fans in mainstream rivals. In an interview this week, Boca's coach Gillermo Bruce Schelotto loyally added the weight of the country's decision. "Argentine football in Boca River never landed Argentine football (in Libertadores), but ultimately about this world.

In the semi-finals of the tournament with Graeme, Cambio stopped the proposal to act uncontrolledly. Marshallo and Gollardo emphasized the importance of the encounter because it was suspended. "Do a particular, historic match, we have the privilege of living."

Boku will fight for the seventh Libertador. In August 1977, 78, 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2007, the Argentine Independence attempted to defeat Augustine Independent. In 1986, 1996 and 2015, this Tatra Cup was raised.

Former midfielder Galaldo has played in the river in 1996 and later as a coach in 2015, the third of the six striking bowlers, six of Liberdors' titles. Now in this unprecedented decision in the game of two games.

Teams – For conflicts, Boka will not be finished, and the players are suspended or suspended. Pablo Pérez has previously thought about a questionable suspicion of physical issues, which will be recovered and promoted as a starter.

The help of Mamiyas Biscu in this river will be commands. But the weight of Marcelo Galardo is not low. The team, comprising captain Leonardo Ponzio, Bruno Suklini and Ignacio Fernandes, Midfielder Gonzalo Martins, who is infected with this week,

This will be played at Baker's Libertadoras final for eleventh time, which will be the sixth time sixth time. There will be nine posts in the field. Only the "billionaires" would only be called "xeneizes" fans in the 24th summit of the security system.

Technical Data Sheet:

BECA June X Rif Plate

BOCA junior – Rossi; Jara, Ecuador, Magellan, Olasah; Nandes, Barrios, Pablo Perez; Paavon, Obael, Villa. Coach: Gillermo Beroez Shelotto.

River basin – Armani; Monde, Maidan, Pinola, Coco; Palazzo, Enzo Peres, Suklini (Fernandes); Martinez; Lucas Pradot and Bourre. Technologist: Matthias Biskka (Assistant).

REFEREE – Roberto Tobar (Chile).

HOURS – 18 hours (from Brasilia).

LOCAL – La Bophanara, Buenos Aires (ARG).

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