Wednesday , October 5 2022

Bon Jovi and Kiss, Legio Urbana are singers in the globe


Way Igor Miranda, Source: Gshow
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TV This Sunday's edition of Globe's "Popstar" program marked not just the competition of seats in the museum but also the performance of some rock galleries. Journalist Renato Capukie and actors Mohammed Harfouz, Sagrio Guaz, Juries and the public have introduced the songs in that style to convince the public.

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One of her performances included Renata Cappachi's "Live On On A Prize", by Bon Jovi's hit. Joe Mouhamed Harfouch's poem "Rock and Roll All Night", classic of Kiss. Argentine abortion and "Urban Legio" showed a notable "giant coca-cola".

Three got the final for the final of the "Popstar" final. The finals were won by Jennifer Nasimoto, Joe Croats and Maru Rodrigues. Next Sunday (18) Program will be completed. See below, Rona shows Renata Cabouzi, Mohammed Harfouch, Sergio Guj.

Rennata Kapusi – "Livin on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi):

Moohed Harfou – "Rock and Roll All Night" (Kiss):

Sergi Gwis – "Geroh Coca-kola" (Abborough Elterico / Legio Urbana):

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