Friday , March 24 2023

BNDES 5 Billion R $ 5 Billion Releases In Bento Motorm Line


BENDS announced Monday that it will announce a $ 5.2 billion credit for the Olympic Transmission System. At Nova Iguazu (RJ) to the Terminal Convertor RIA Station connecting the Singewu Converter Station in Altiadi.

Will be scheduled to be ready in December 2019, the second broadcaster for failing to generate power from the Belo Motte Hydroelectric Power Plant. The first had a loan of $ 2.6 billion in December last year.

The second line is the production of the Sungu River Transmitter of Energy SA (SRREE), which controlled the state grid of the Chinese group. The Chinese team is participating in the first line of the Balo-Monde Transmissori D Energy Company.

Although the XRTE is still within the scope of the sculpture, a banker who has not been given permission to Paris in the construction of the new line must pass through the land of Agruppura Santa Barbara Singerbara, owned by Daniel Dantas. The problem is with the judiciary.

The second line of Belo Monte is 2.500 km. The diameter of Altamira, Nova Iguaçu, is 2,1,000 km. Linenau passes through 79 municipalities in Rock, Tocantins, Goias, Minas Gears, and Rio de Janeiro. According to the BNDES estimates, 61% of the total investment in the project is estimated to be $ 8.5 billion of R.5.

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