Wednesday , March 22 2023

Autism increases risk of childbirth – Amasan Brazil Web Radio


According to researchers, drug use during pregnancy can change the hormone balance in the uterus – it leads to various problems

When a headache results in a lot of people's choice is paracetamol. Nevertheless, pregnant women with autoimmune hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), decreased risk of loss of insurance components, ICT care Recent research in the journal Hormone and Behavior suggested that the hormonal balance in the uterus relates to the fact that parosotamol is changing.

In an analytical study, the use of paracetamol, also called asetamomapone (APAP), increases the chance of speech delays. Child sexual relationships are other factors that can cause pregnancy. In pregnant women Parasitomol has six pregnancies that are pregnant and have more vocals. The researchers can not understand why this is the difference between boys and girls.

"APAP exposure is very common, and the impact of public health on nervousness is serious," Anne Bou, who led the study, told Daily Mail. Researchers in the United States reviewed nine studies. A total of 150,000 mothers and children were investigated.

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