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At the end of the third quarter, BNDES's profit surged to $ 6.3 billion


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The total income of the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDDE) is $ 6.363 billion. In the third quarter of this year, It was RO 3.202 billion. "It took nine months in nine months and the Bundes budget for the last three years is that profit," said Ricardo Ramos, director of the Bank of Planning and Automatic Operations, celebrating today in Rio de Janeiro. Net profit for the third quarter was at $ 1.603 billion.

In the first nine months of last year (R $ 2.88 billion), 99.4% increase in net profit at 5.7 billion rupees. "For nine good months for the bank, overall," said the director.

In the third quarter of this year, the mining company Vale was inaugurated at a cost of $ 60000. He recalled that the supra-maker Petrabras ($ 1.8 billion) of Carlos Frederick Range, had sold Ettorpolo (about $ 1 billion) in the second quarter, including the intelligence, controlling controll, risk management area.

These three companies made up 96% of the total sales. Owned by BNDES Participações (Bndespar), capital of Petrobras and Valle, was 9.67% and 7.43% on December 31 last year. September 30, 2018 respectively.


In the first nine months of 2017, control of the $ 5.63 billion credit recession would be $ 1.68 billion up to September 2018, due to the need to maintain new regulations by Carlos Rangel.

Carlos Rangel explained in the remaining balance of credit operations, the net losses for the credit risk, ie, from $ 12.9 billion to $ 19.3 billion up to September, September. "We've been able to overcome the balance sheet and make the credit sheets reverse by the restrictions," he said. He believes that banking clients will now begin to recover their brilliant standards in the institution. BNDES reference stocks for September are R $ 167.296 billion.

The net worth of BNSE is QR 80.6 billion at Q3. 12.8 percent increase In the third quarter, revenues of $ 1.6 billion are in line with other factors.

BNDES Participações Subsidy (Bndespar) The total revenue of the nine months by 2018 is $ 5.35 billion. This profit was arranged by profit from equity interests dispositions. "The biggest profit in the last six years," said Carlos Rangel.

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Director Ricardo Ramos raised the quality of the BNDES credit portfolio. 94.6% between AA and C at risk exceeded 90.4% nationally. The cost of credit rises fell by 70 percent in the January / September, 2017 period.

Carlos Rangal in September this year was 791.480 billion dollars. There are two main components. First, the rate in distribution is less than operating income. Added to this, the issue of the return of the shareholder's return is the National Treasury, which reduces the bank's availability. "We have been continuously reducing the total assets since last year." The bank's total assets stood at $ 71.487 billion. RPEL's net profit was $ 80.604 billion in the third quarter.

In September, the 1.45 percentage dropped out in September, which was 2.94 percent from 2.45 percent. The director of the Planning Director says Rio de Janeiro is the main debtor of BNDES. Trieraro Ramos says that if this is not the case, the default will be 1.67%.

As the Bank guarantees through the Export Guarantee Fund (FHG), the bank does not reckon the debt liabilities in Venezuela and Cuba for exporting the bank's engineering exports.

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