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"Yellow Westerns": Still going to the Philips Crimson


"Yellow Westerns": Still going to the Philips Crimson
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Yellow & # 39; Yellow Clothing & # 39; The prime minister was speaking on 2 nd Sunday afternoon. In many areas.

On Sunday, Montréalar, Chalon-sur-Saône, Caen, filter filters like New Aquitaine, as well as blocks, especially AA in VAUcluse, were observed in many areas. A free parking facility started at Eudersnine. The 150 protesters demanded renewal of the protest.

The "tax tax" government is listening, but "duty" is the transformation of the economy to oil, which was congratulated by Action and Public Accounts on Gerald Dermann.

On Saturday, highways, roundboards, hypermarkets or organized free toll operations were blocked. The "yellow beetles" went to Elizi, where the police used the tear gas.

At least 63 people were killed and 400 wounded in the blaze. Several people were injured, including 14 policemen. 282 people were arrested.

If they fail to break France, the whole area is out of their activities. Outsiders and unions were organized.

"There's a lot of storage, it's not going to be denied," but "the wager is not the fence," said the executive's adviser. Some of the major developments organized by the union in recent years are similar.

"Do a lot of teachings"

On Saturday, Emmanuel MacRonnell and Edward Philip stood by Christopher Castaner all day long.

California: After a crime in France, the Prime Minister will be a guest at 2 pm in France at 20 o'clock. The magician and the wizard were announced.

Emmanuel MacRonn, who travels on Sunday in Berlin will not talk about this subject. "It's the national mourning day in Germany on November 18th, which is the duty of respectable respect," says Eli.

"The head of state has already spoken and will talk again," he said, "and he intends to be in a state of emergency", said Cohen Territorian minister Jackin Gowrolt.

Environment Minister François de Ruji said that the government will continue to "plan the plan" on ecological taxes, "for many schools", and "direct relations" with government members with French.

According to a survey by journalist Damon Daimanch, 62% of the French believe that even in the coming years energy will be "faster priority."

The RN Marine president, who did not display Saturday, said that Pen Pension is "a great success". And invited the government to make quick decisions "to bring peace."

"+ Yellow Dresses + The Secretary of State Republican General Geoff Trérier said," We have to take the charge of taxes, "said François Barroe, president of the Association of President of the Mayors of France (LR).

The president of the president of the president of Florian Philipott was called upon to "dismiss from the National Assembly".

Furthermore, the PCF demands urgent discussions on social and environmental measures to reduce oil consumption.

Right-to-left, the elected officials were dressed in yellow dresses and sat on Saturday with the protesters. The LR Laura Vouquis Bose, Pui vie Vale, France Insulius Jean-Lew Melanchon Play de Law Concord. Majority of them did wisely to refrain from bothering them on uncritical charges.

Former Home Minister Gerard Colbab has called on the executive to vacate his post on October 9. On Twitter, he advised: "Listen to our provinces and bring our fellow citizens."

In the Union Party, Immanuel McConn, head of CFDT Lorand Berger, called "very fast" unions, employers and organizations to "create a social contract for ecological conversion".

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