Wednesday , March 22 2023

Winini has been revealed at the NRJ Music Awards


Music – On Sunday, November 18th, the song of the songwriter-songwriter of the VTN NRJ Music Awards, which is an excellent song for the artists. For good reason, a large set of popular music organized every year on TF 1 is a show that artists really play.

"My first TV, I can not ask to play today, because they can not afford it," the singer said, "NBA played, everything is wrong." If he says that singers are "really singing", then the person is worried about doing a "band orchestra" .

To continue: "We have made all playback-orchestra's idea, but it's a shame that never be able to soften with a playback-orchestra for music". According to Vianney, the show has done nothing to allow the artists to express themselves to themselves. "Therefore, the playback-orchestra is good because you're playing really badly because it's not set up".

Other disadvantages that disturb the singer: The behavior of artists who are "nervous" in some of the best artists' boxes. "There are some War Seriously, but, seriously, "the artist reveals, the most sacred ideas," programs in these programs "to enjoy the moment" Annex).

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