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Why more drugs do not stock up?


The stock-otomime pharmacy of drugs increases. Last week, they were mainly affected by corticostosticates, but this phenomenon affects antibiotics and vaccines.

Some patients sometimes need some medicines to eat four drugs. "Every day I struggle to try to get drugs by asking laboratories if they can not release a box for emergency purposes", pharmacy at the Paris center with 1 drug orders for a European Union. There are no three orders for orders in another pharmacy at the headquarters. They are mainly thinking about cortisone, eye drops, hypotensives, and antibiotics. A pharmacist approaches the ration of his stocks: the boxes of the drugs are only an illegal practice that uses only the required amount, but this allows for the limits of the famine.

Intermediaries showing interest to sell drugs abroad

In 80% of cases, this is a problem of money laundering. Compared to other countries in France, you will receive social security and their rewards. As a result, reducing the possibility, repaying at a lower price, and the intermediaries of the producers and the creators of the pharmaceutical laboratory and pharmaceuticals.

These wholesale distributors, some of whom call themselves "short liners", specialize in the most profitable drugs, and therefore want to sell to France and to other countries. Sometimes, the same Meditation comes from Italy and Germany, two to three times. This is illegal because it is the wholesale distributor for stocks in France, which is a public service mission. European Union 1 Dominique Martin says, "They have exports more and are not taking stock of $ 100 billion in financing," says the European Union. The main reason is the lack of a pharmacy product.

Global demand for drugs

Yet there is a problem of small quantities of production. Today, most factories and drugs have been abroad, particularly in Asia. They are acting at a faster pace to counter global outraged explodations in recent years. For instance, an Indian plant that produces a raw material for many laboratories faces a production problem for drug wasting all over the chain. This happened in 2018 Senemate made for Parkinson's Treatment. The fact that the factory level in the United States is striking to sustain, the only thing in the world has affected the world market for several months.

In the case of steroids that treat normal diseases, such as asthma and osteoarthritis, the problem is not around the world, but in France. The factory in Lyell's factory has seen the difficulty in January, but they do not provide the labs that provide them and can not inform health authorities. Result: France is out of stock for a month. Normal returns are not expected until the end of June.

A plan to create an "anti-stock stand"

Overall, this phenomenon of famine has been bad for years. When we return in 2008, only fifty essential drugs have been reported in high power or stock fire. Ten years later, this is ten times. In France, 531 drugs are missing. Figures of 2019 are not yet known. When asked by European Universities 1, the Agence Dug Mediterarian indicates that this condition continues. The problem is just like preparing an "anti-stock" project in the Ministry of Health.

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