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What is the pro version "low cost" price?

We like it

  • A pro version redesign
  • Peak performance
  • Very comfortable manual
  • Apple pencil (1st generation, very bad)
  • Weigh more than iPad Pro 10.5
  • Well-arranged display

We do not like it

  • A data design
  • A photo is powdery
  • Maximum maximum light in full sun
  • No promotion


Create an old one using the old one, Apple is familiar with the music. Since the iPhone SE, the American manufacturer regularly gives its oldest appreciation. That's the iPad Air 2019, changing the name of the iPad Pro 10.5. Getting the bet. We have a sales performance, a lack of exhibition and autonomy. A few smaller areas still exist. The present design is no longer present in 2017. The Android game is much better (see Galaxy Tab S5e). On the side of the photo, he passed through physical therapy, but deserved well.


Apple's iPad Air is reassembling in 2019. After the pro and classical models, the American manufacturer returns to the center again. This will replace the iPad Pro 10.5 in 2017. Apple pencil is a recurring note of Apple's new innovations. The brand's stylus.

This third generation iPad Air is trying to keep the Lettotype in the range launched in 2013. Power, expertise, and lightness. Have the result? Does this iPad deserve to be for him?

No – obsolete design

The impossible to invalidate. It itself sets itself up on the user itself. The new iPad Air was designed to be the backbone of the backpack. If it does not go with the iPad Air Ring 2, it's the iPad Pro that content. So we have wide edges on the top and bottom of the screen. If the measurements are strictly the same, the least comes down. We can go from 469 g to 456 grams. It always succeeds.

Figure 3: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?

But the rest, Apple really accepted the iPad Pro 10.5 recipes. Face ID is for handset and iPod 7 is in the old version of TouchID with a capacitive device like the iPhone's standard.

An old recipe seems to be the content of Recycling Apple Approval Validation is difficult here, certainly functional, but more really up.

Figure 4: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?

Yes – quite a perfect show

The iPad Air screen is difficult to find a defect. This is almost identical to Pro 10.5 for iPad. ProMotion is the only thing missing from the board. This technology, which provides a variable refresh rate, will continue to maintain the pro range. The worst since the rapidly gaining profit.

Picture 5: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?

The rest have a slab of 10.5 inches in 2224 x 1668 pixels. The resolution is 264 pixels. The screen is laminated, it gives you a whole lot of strength. Displays the DCI-P3 color spinel support. True tone technology is also available. As a reminder, it always looks to offer a more natural and relaxing display for your eyes.

A resulting visual device and full. We apologize without ProMotion
Low light. 500 nits per 600 nits for the iPad Pro. There is a difference when using the iPad Air Outdoor. In good weather, even on the beach and the terrace, even with 100% light, it's hard to see something.

Yes – "there is no longer the dominion of power without authority"

Based on power, the iPad Air diverged from iPad Pro 10.5. Exit from the A10X set this. The Air iPad 2019 processor is a bionic A12, same as the current iPhone and XS equips. There is also 3 GB RAM. We're in a technical configurator similar to XR.

He will descend with honors in the Benchmarkers. 5234 points collected in 3DMark. The iPad Pro 10.5 is similar to the test shot which is 3900 points lower. The old pro stood at 376006 points at 279465 points. Although gigabytes more RAM. The geckench is 9351 multilevel more than 11.29 points.

Picture 6: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?
3DMark / AnTuTu / GeekBench

In fact, the Apple got a good job at Apple's processors. The iPad Air A12 is an iPad Pro 11 and its A12X (6456 points below 3D453) is more than Pro 10.5. A good selection at this level.

Figure 7: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?

These figures are actually reflected. The iOS interface is fluid and multitasking is handled well. On the stake, the slowing down should not be softened. The XCOM, instead of greed, recently found Asphalt 9, found its all-in-its-graphics capabilities and found the easiest and more easily configurable configurations that reduce aliasing.

Picture 8: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?

And yes – fall down

The iPad Pro 10.5's new battery life will be re-raising the Apple iPad. So we have a 30.5 Wh battery, and the promotion is controlled by less (after that). In addition, self-governance improves. Apple's iPad is equipped with a charge of 10 hours. In fact, we can get there because we can not cross over this predetermined time. Mixed usage (gaming, internet browsing, and video streaming) has reached an autonomous 12 hour time frame.

Yes, no – Sensor bouffe, A12 Bionic is on top

The iPad Pro 10.5 had a 12-megapixel rear sensor, opening at f / 1.8. Optic stabilization, a flash, capabilities shot in 4K, would be positioned in 2019 for iPad Air. But Apple has an 8 megapixel sensor. Last. So we lose the above elements. The capture is 1080p, and the shot is taken with a focal aperture of f / 2.4.

Figure 9: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?

However, Apple pulls Apple angles with the bionic processor. This helps in the treatment of Clichis. Finally, we have a color metric rendering, especially beautiful pictures. We will lose some details in the war.

Picture 10: [Test] IPad Air 2019: What is the Pro Version?

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