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What did you see from Flanders: What was the Dutch journalism after the victory of Valampus Belong?


"Vlaams Belang is back in the Damascus newspapers and he's a question of sanitary cordon," he said. Newspapers in Flanders agree that elections are successful. This recognizes that the NVA President Bart de Weer had failed for the first time. Conflicts between the North and South of the country raise the level of federal level. In the middle, this big question: What's the Cordon Sanitary?

"Flanders, Flanders, which grant radical rights in the government, are alienated at national and international levels," warns & # 39; From Morgan & # 39; . "If we observe whether we recognize a principle or pragmatism, there is no possibility of the recognition of democratic parties Vlaams Belang-a flawed migration policy, a budget madman that produces the disability gaping program."

& # 39; Gazette van Antwerp & # 39; s But traditional parties believe that they will have to take a stand for Vilasz Belong's isolation. The party's president, Tom Van Gong, wants to come to power. Bart de Weaver was not excluded. Though the Belang and NGOs do not have the majority, they have the burden of losing other parties.

"It's Time to Speak", it grows & # 39; Hott Latsta News & # 39; . An anticipated bailout of class struggle, formerly known as the Walmes Bloc, is 15 years old. "Until proves, Vilmas Belang in 2019 is definitely a radical right-wing party, but not racist or democracy."

It's time to question the effectiveness and timing of the code, says Head Latstia News. An equally important observation for PTB would be a matter of "semi-north Korean" discussing it without deporting the enemy.

"Flanders are far superior to Flemish anger and are afraid" From & # 39; Standard & # 39; He describes what he calls "May 26 against". Traditional parties, formerly an ally of the poor, says the editorialist of the newspaper, that such faces are still unlimited debates that have been excluded from the political theater of Fleming.

How does voter politics change? & # 39; From Tijd to & # 39; . This weight is mainly reserved for the daily lives of N-VA's shoulders.

For & # 39; HeavyNewsWorld & # 39; Not succeeding in finding collective interest in particular interests. Parties who failed in various subjects like pension, which is why they are allotted by voters.

A matching place & # 39; Belong von lingung & # 39; : "The gap between citizens and politics is deeper than expected."

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