Wednesday , October 5 2022

"We lost a crew and Stan Lee of super heroes is a leading force»


"Marvel, Walt Disney Company The entire life and career of the Salute Stan Lee introduces their love for unparalleled achievements in their walls. When you open a + comic book, there will be a stanMavel said in a statement that he was still a respected chairman.

"Stan Lee was unusual like the characters he created. For the maraud fans around the world, an actual superhero is capable of inspiring, entertaining, and connecting the Stanch peopleBob Ejar, CEO of Disney Group, which sold Marvel in 2009 for $ 4 billion. Stan Lee's superheroes became global box office stars.

The founder of New Zealand's Tesla founder Elon Musk has had a great influence as part of a famous and famous cultural program from all over life.

"Give Zi'ah, your throne. Now there is a true person in the godsWrote to French cartoonist Joan Zafar on Twitter.

Hugh Jackman, Playing an X-Men character, Wolverine: "We've lost a creative talent. Stan Lee is a major force in the world of superheroes. I was proud that he was a small part of his tradition … has helped to bring one of his characters alive.(Stan Lee X-Men created the Wolverine Character, Note)

Mark Hamil, Luka Skywalker known for his interpretation of "Star Wars": "His contribution to the pop culture is revolutionary and totally absurd. It was everything you were expecting, more. I love this man, he will always miss. Never imagine the idols of young people. This is wrong. "

Chris Evans, Featured Captain America in Maveli Universe from a number of films:There will never be another Stan Lee. For decades, it has offered young people and adults a sense of adventure, salvation, relief, confidence, inspiration, strength, friendship and happiness. It loses a lot of love and kindness and will bring an endless impression on many animals. Excelsior! " (A word often used by Stan Lee)

Tom Holland, Peter Parker's role in Spider-Man: Homesauring, interpreter:How many thousands of us are credited to this honor, more than I am. Malvell's father was very happy. Any life and a success. In peace, relax. "

Robert Downey Jr.Iron Man played in the movie: "I'm all okay … relax in peace, stan. "

Frank MillerAnother great American writer in Comics:My friend annihilated Stan's death. He inspired me during my childhood, and when he started I was an adviser. I'll be very afraid of him. "

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