Monday , November 18 2019
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"We have given you to register this small goal"

Maran Falawn Barsten had beaten Manchester United against Manchester United on Tuesday night when he came up with a superhero appearance on Tuesday. Champions League. A golden goal worth of Old Trafford Jose Miroiro He released all his frustration.

"It is always good to score a goal, but the most important thing is to take all the points of the night. We are now eligible. This is good for confidence, because we have a major competition Saturday (Southampton, edited). It's good for the team. We were in a good state and we showed a lot of good attacks. We wanted to win, we showed it. This small goal we gave everything to register. We had many good opportunities. I think I will succeed tonight. of course By David D. G. A chance to win the Swiss won. There was little chance of Swiss"Ride Great mo In the microphone Mmm.

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