Friday , June 9 2023

Wassland-Bevan is the most expensive player in the history of Ghent


La Gavises will provide loans Franco Anderejesvic (27 years old) in Wassland-Buenos Aires.

Croatian player Waeslandian will be connected to the club until the end of the season. The most expensive transfer in the history of goonda is Andrájazićić. Buffett had spent 4 million euros in 2017. The buyers were interested in buying and styling the wire for the stand.

Franco Antigièvic could never win the Gelços Arena. He did not convince many of the coaches who succeeded each other (like Vanahibrak Vanderaghe, etc.).

"Yellow and Blue" should help to stay on D1A. Waasland-Beveren currently ranked seventh, the red lantern Lokeren with 7 points.

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