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Want a read mushroom? Continue to Vapote

When they arrived in the market, electronic cigarettes revolutionized the lives of smokers. When choosing a fragrance we want, we do not have to worry about the presence of chemicals.

A few years later, when we are in the madness of Julul, we know that we are wrong now and that these electronic codes have their disadvantages.

But if you want a new reason to stay away from the vagaries, new research from Lavalley University will help you realize it. Doctor of the Faculty of the Dentistry, Lawrence University Mahmud Roubia's group found that steam in electronic cigarette promotes the spread of fungal infections.

To get this opportunity, Dr. Raubia group mushroom, open mouth, usually found on the door, steam and steam, more times in connection with steam voting. It was 50% more for steam without nicotine.

The colorful fragrances are partially responsible, which are the ulcers contained. Sugar, or carbohydrates, and needs. "These young people and bacteria are looking for appropriate conditions," explains a radio-Canadian researcher. This tamarind is understood to make this relativity much better and respect. "

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One of the most common types of electronic cigarette smoke is the yeast infection that is caused by fungus. The lungs and mouth lips are sometimes accompanied by painful cracks.

If it reads from the reader's mouth, the relationship between the mouth and gas. As he has reported in radio and Canada, he pointed out the negative effects of gum health. When emphasized the importance of understanding that the electrification is detrimental to both physical and zoological health, "electronic cigarette was less than normal cigarettes, and it's clear."

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