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Ubisoft introduces its financial results and plans – news

In addition to the Skill and Bonus Report, UBSZft was presented Financial results The fiscal year ended March 31. In its publication, the publisher produces record orders annually, a part of the plan for the coming year.

Let's start with it TurnoverThis year will rise, according to new financial criteria It had a net profit of € 1.85 billion in net profit of € 100m. But Drake's heart stands out in a copy that generates 2.02 billion euros. This amount increases as compared to last year Below are few predictions.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Sig's performance in the manufacturing sector, 45 million registered players and Assad's crown Odisha "Reservation", "Commitment" Players. This is the end The way to include season pass purchases, content, and statistics Returns regular players in titles, as well as the impact of advertising campaigns. Mobile deprived dematerialized content distributed 644 million euros. This shows a 39 percent increase over the previous year.

Financial announcement is financially announcing 2019/2020 See 4 new AAA games Only one phase record break breakpoint was scheduled on October 4. Also, the company thinks Notice "major changes" As Yves Guillemot points out, in the years to come in industry:

The video game industry is joining a larger transformation, which should allow 5 billion players to reach the next 10 years when the boundaries between platforms and geographical spaces disappear. These major changes occur from the successful success of the console, PC, mobile, and cloud gaming franchise. In any other case, offers attractive offers on various screens, creating new amazing experiences with amazing technical capabilities. A clear indication of the future of this transition is the competition for quality content for quality content and access to competitive partnership communities.

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