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"Tulsira", 48 megapixel camera, bold design: the first smartphone in 2019 is a "small" owner


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Samsung? Apple Huawei? Even. The first smartphone in 2019 is the first to talk about itself. Halling view 20.

The first smartphone in 2019 is the first to talk about itself. Respect? Well read. Chinese hariya's brother is respectful. His Citrone DS, Danny of the Renault, Mountaineering of Coca-Cola.

The world is starting internationally in 2014, and its parents, like Huawei, are on the whole swing. His credo? Technically-leading smartphones have recently searched for new products, but it was sold at a cheaper price than Apple, Samsung, or more important references. There are a lot of wikis offers about honorarium, but more often, what OnePlus does (limited marketing, offer online sales channel, etc.). With a youngster, confined to extreme sports, and choosing the geeks.

However, if he honors some good smartphones at the right price (some controversy is not omitted), he never released a "disruption" of a device.

He saw what he saw as an impression of 20.

The CES of Las Vegas was a great fan of Paris. It is a premium smartphone that guarantees (at a price of 569 euros), which features three main features:

  1. Tightencreen Screen: The ratio of the panel found in the dative screen shows (Fig. 7.): 91.7%. The front facing camera is fully integrated into the screen (25 megapixels) and is made available in the top left corner. This is the first time that the smartphone has been "scratched" on this screen. The competition provides full screen screens (introduced by iPhone X) to some people on a screen.
  2. The first 48 megapixel photo sensor: Megapixel is not a survival. Introduces Visual 20's back-end photo block that supports artificial intelligence.
  3. A unique design: If the light-reflecting glass is widely spread in high-end smartphones, mobile has not been exposed to its vision view of 20. Through the chromatic quotation known as "Arao nanotechchar" and its "V" Winter Special (which we like or hate, but what happens is that it does not leave it vain)

There was no technical speculation left, but a great deal of autonomy

This is a very good technically advanced terminal: 6 or 8GB RAM, 6.4 inch IPS (OLED or Not) with 2310 x 1080 pixels resolution, 19.5: 9 with a 6.1GHz processor, LCD display. The calculation of a solid battery with a 4,000 mAh fingerprint reader "subcutaneous" (integrated into the screen, like 20 pro), but a backbone matrix sensor can be found here. A good place for music lovers: port jack (old to connect your headphones) is always in play. Overlay House can be viewed as suitable for retrieval.

A formal examination should be done to ensure a better test in view of the first observers obtained with the first information. The terminal may have found that respect should certainly ensure its advance …

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