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Trois nouveaux vaccins bientôt obligatoires

Le conseil des ministres a research examination which proceeds from the passage of the pedestrian passage to the vaccines of the vaccines and the vaccines obligators in the Polynésie. I'm not sure about the desk, des oreillons and desires of pneumocoques.

Trois nouveaux vaccins are available for leverage entrances to the vaccines to provide the benefits of polynésie. C'est en tout cas de procepto de pays examiné de merce de la gouvernement en conseil des ministres. The jusqu'à présent huit vaccins are obliged to: le tétanos, la diphtérie, a poliomyelite, la rougeole, la rubel, l'hépatite B and A, and tuberculose. Le Pays compete with the cate's list of coefficients, lesions and lesbians, as well as in the vaccines of existence and prisqués in the Polynésie. It was found that the vaccines were vaccines in 2014. This is the first time that a vaccine is vaccinées, with 95% of people living on vacation. In 2012, it was 97%. Le Pays souhaite «There are no intellectuals and introductory introductions of pérenniser les bénéfices.

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