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This is a project of Michael Versuuer, for Anderlecht


In a couple of weeks, a new Technical Director, an academy in the USA, cooperation in China, and a commitment to play with youngsters and Devour deteriorated: RSCA 2.0

With Mark Kakey, Michael Versace introduced his plan for Andletett. The new Director General of RSCA is of great interest. I would like to expand the club at international level. "Clubs such as Barcelona account for 65 percent of the revenue, 60 percent of the Juventus, and the Andalucate work in its brand, earning outside its boundaries, but not for me, is not part of Andelacht's wealthy club, but still one of the biggest clubs in Europe."

Verscheeren had rented a man named Arrow Conver who worked with Nike and AT Pill. He will be responsible for publishing the RCSA brand abroad. Finally, the goal is to create an academy in America, create a partnership with a Chinese club (2 super league clubs). Two promises of the club in the coming months. "To give the world the number one spot for Devils, Adderc is a good time to tell the world that these great players have been trained."

More than last time, the Andrelette will play in the training center. "35% of our camps have been trained in a vedinist training, that's very good, we have to continue this way, every coach will have to add two new youths every season," said Versus. . "Be aware that we can not nominate only our youngsters, as we saw on Sunday in the True Tudin, we know what we need to do to get around them."

For this purpose, Vershire and a technical director will be appointed within two weeks. "Tied up with several names. We have elected to be announced soon. Beljiyakkarum videsikaluman candidates. It does not matter timiluntayirunnenkil andellarr in the past. Luke apratyaksamakunnilla on the organization chart, although instead of devrea. He became director of new technology at the right side, skeattingil panketuka Discrimination.

Transfer Committee will be constituted. Each committee is approached by a committee every fortnight, many former players to defend the club's DNA. Pär Zetterberg, who participates in this press conference, must be part of it.

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