Monday , June 5 2023

They are in the heart of a controversy


All started with good intentions. A mythical spice in 2000 helped sponsor a cooperative support for women's rights, Comics Relief. As the Guardian had learned, they decided to sell T-shirts "I WANNABEASPICEGIRL".

Exploited women will have serious problems in Bangladesh. The Guardian investigated. The embarrassment of the goal of raising women's money.

We interviewed colleagues at the Guardian, an employee of the Interstop Apparatus factory, condemned the inhuman conditions that were made of clothes. She said that workers should work continuously. If production targets do not reach 35 pieces per hour, they are often considered stereotypical. Workers should do overtime and night service. It is about pregnant women.

According to the worker's opinion, intensive labor conditions create tremendous pressure on workers of today's silence. The factory's heat is intolerable.

A worker has been paid € 95 per month. T-shirt cost is £ 19.40 (22 euros). The worker will take a week to buy a t-shirt.

Spices Girls said in a statement that they were shocked by the inquiry. They demanded "full explanation" for an online representative representing the responsibility of creating T-shirts. The Pop Group intends to return the benefits of the initiative to promote Bangladeshi local campaign programs.

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