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There are 5 new fruits and vegetables in the park


Public health France has thought through France that they have not made good decisions yet. Here are some recommendations for food, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle lifestyle. These changes are less suggested

" It's fast, heavy and strong "The slogan of the modern Olympic Games was motivated by public health in France? Health Agency presented its recommendations yesterdayDistribution, Physical activity And then Inactivity It separates it into 3 crucial lesser works than previous campaigns. So if French wants to maintain good health, Increase, Go And To decrease »Some foods or activities. Decryption Great Innovation 2019. Famous slogan " FoodAt least five fruits and vegetables Although it is not always easy to respect, it is valid.

What to do

It is always encouraging to eat at least a daily meal 5 savings (1 serving = 80 to 100 grams) Fruits and vegetables Enjoy their wealth Vitamins, Within Minerals and FibersWe are From today The taste is invited More (In a small handle) Nuts (Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts) Omega 3.

First, the Agency assesses environmental issues and advises Promoted The Seasonal Products, Local As much food as possible Bio. Expansion in 2019 (at least Twice a week) Its consumption Dried vegetables Lemon, lemon, beans and so on.

We have exhorted us to increase our price Physical activity. It is recommended to keep fit for 30 minutes a day.

Where should I go?

In this year's public health advisory issued by France, To go "The choice of an option Limited control »It lifts up A Progressive Change, Each of them has a rhythm »Anne-Juliet Serie, head of the Food and Physical Activity Unit of the organization, explains.

Thus, it is not advisable to move on Stand alone Complete Their pasted version of the pasta, rice or the whole bread. Let's consume Once in a day Enjoy " Complex carbohydrate hydrates They brought their fingers. Our choiceOil Moves VegetableOmega 3 is rich in raspberries, ribs, and oligues. But be careful and use them Very few They still contain " 100% fat The website of the National Health Nutrition Program reminds us.

We aim to swallow 2 milk products per day (Adults), when the children, adolescents and adults are 3 or 4 years old, his body must give a dose Calcium And Vitamin D.. We will try to consume the best protein, iron and omega 3 in the body Fish 2 times a week Including a fat. Good to Know : Sorghum recommends a can be equivalent to serving one.

What are some things we are missing?

Many things! But do not forget that; It will be for our good. Thus we limit its consumption Sweet drinks, ofFat, sweet, salted and ultra processed foods. Junk Food When we understand about our health and its destiny, it's worse than reminding us. The agency took the opportunity to give some clues about our alcohol consumption: Maximum 2 glasses per day And Especially every day.

To read

Why do we have so much to eat?

The Salt products and salt Also taken for their career 5 g For an adult one day it will go up very quickly. A Overnight Accelerate riskHypertension The origin of cardiovascular diseases. This is the same Cool cutsOften, fat and salt are limited 150 Grams (white ham or poultry 3 pieces) Every week. CarnaversThey will try to live healthy by eating food The meat except a weekly chicken is 500 grams. It is still 3 or 4 stems.

Another new recommendation is: The fight against sedentary lifestyle. French invited them It's too long or missing. We must reduce Time Last The rise was high In a sticky hand. " If you have an office work, sleep regularly and walk for more than two hours "He said France info Annie-Juliet Serie. Outside of work, one needs to be limited Time spent on a screen.

Now, you are healthy

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